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100 Best Books to Read in Kindergarten poster kit ALA

[Kenneth Washington Jr.] My Hot Date [erotic paranormal romance Book] Ebook – Book, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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    I have to admit when I first saw the title of this book I was not anticipating reading it I was wondering what Kenneth Washington Jr could have written but when I began I was pleasantly surprised Kenneth is a wonderful writer he kept me intrigued and wondering what was coming next as I laughed my way through this great comedy I highly recommend My Hot Date for anyone to read This is definitely a five star book

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REVIEW ´ TALKLOBBY.CO.UK Ð Kenneth Washington Jr.

Seventeen year old Kenny tells his laugh provoking story about his eventful day leading up to later that night when he goes out with his dream girl w.


My Hot Date

Ying to find last minute transportation meeting his dateas family and continuing on through his less than filling dinner that will leave you hungry f.

REVIEW ´ TALKLOBBY.CO.UK Ð Kenneth Washington Jr.

Hich he refers to as his ahot datea Kenny runs into atwo handfulsa of problems and mishaps; everything from a stalking co worker a simple hair cut tr.