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download read online This Fiery Splendor By Christine Monson

Christine Monson ã 3 summary

S not easily extinguished As India's uest for Independence engulfed the land Derek would follow a trail of English blood to Annalise's side Together they would face a treacherous new world of vengeful enemies and duplicitous loversa world destined to bring them again and again to both the brink of disaster and the dizzying breathless heights of raptur.

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This Fiery Splendor

The exuisitly beautiful daughter of an English missionary Annalise Devon had a simple life until her dying Father passed her destiny into the capable hands of the ueen's Colonel Derek Clavell Bold as brass as immovable as the Kashmir cliff the dashing aristocrat seemed to have everything a man could want a fortune in India a future in England and a fl.

free read This Fiery Splendor

Ame haired fiancee who satisfied his sensual needs Then he met young Annalise and discovered a passion beyond pleasure a fire raging beyond his or her control As her guardian his only choice was to send her away And so Annalise found herself alone once this time forging her independence from the searing memories of Derek's touchBut love once ignited i.

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    Setting Victorian England and India specifically the Indian Rebellion of 1857The protagonists Annalise 17 year old daughter of a missionary and a virgin Colonel Derek Clavell 30 yr old heir to a baronetcy and NOT a virginTropes Guardianward the Other Woman OW Other MenSensuality ROk before I begin my position

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    An Exciting Victorian Romance set in India During the Rebellion of 1857Christine Monson always does thorough research into the historical settings of her books and then serves up a great story Such is This Fiery SplendorAnnalise Devon was the daughter of a missionary to China where she was raised until her mot

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    Since this author wrote the notorious Stormfire I'm sure most of you will wonder if this book is like that book Rest assured this book is pretty PC and tame There are no rapes or abuse There is a other woman but since the plot is based heavily around a love triangle this couldn't be helped The hero however never sleeps with this other woman while he's with the heroineI thought it was a decent read better than what I've been readin

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