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Debra Dunbar (free Summary) Devils Paw Imp #4 – Book, Kindle or DOC

10 thoughts on “Devils Paw Imp #4

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    This was a good book I think if I hadn't been so over urban fantasy these days I'd rate this four stars However I have to rate it how I feel right now and while it was good and I liked it I didn't really like it This is absolutely one of the better UFs out there though So if you are looking for a good series this is one

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    That endingIt wasn't really a cliffhanger but it was close enoughAlthough the plot and the ending and everything was really predictable I liked it And it did manage to make me not expect everything so that's definitely a plusAnd if you're reading this review before reading the blurb of this book DON'T READ THE BLURB It has some major spoilers I was really annoyed but got over it after a while Anyway a good re

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    This has been the best one yet in this series It's funny has a good mystery and has some interesting developments in the romance and characterworld building departments Considering how this book ends I'm very interested in learning what happens next

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    4 Totally personal stars No this is not a great book There's nothing special about the writing there are a lot o

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    Devil's PawImp Book 4By Debra DunbarNarrated by Angela RyskSeries Imp World Book 5 Imp Series Book 4Cockroach is chased and almost killed by a team consisting of a mage a demon and an angel She almost dies She fights and kills one not the angel

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    Argh this series has its claws in me I can't stop reading

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    Sam may be a devouring spirit but I doubt her gift rivals my voracious appetite for Sam and Gregory in the Imp series and in Devil's Paw; In fact this is one of those books where I lament my inability to dish out than five starsThis book had all I've come to expect from this series humor suspense and Sam continuing her demonic version of a do

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    What mysteries this series has served up to date are never extremely mysteriousDevil's Paw was no different I always seem to solve said mysteries long before Sam decides they warrant further investigation Devil's Paw annoyed me in that regard

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    Definitely improving but still only a 375I find it really frustrating that Sam can't seem to follow any type of logical conclusions until they're practically shoved down her throatWith the hints from the last book as well as some of the initial details we're given at the beginning of this book I still can't understand why she consistently ignores whats right in front of her??Maybe I've just watched too many episodes of Columbo?Either way as

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    Far emotional than the previous books I may have experienced goosebumps and might have even had a tear form Especially at the end whic

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Devils Paw Imp #4

E pesky four nine five reports for the Ruling Council of Angels But imps can never stay out of trouble for longDemon corpses have been found drained of all energy their spirit selves ripped clean from their bodies Sam’s angel Gregory considers her a prime suspect so when an angel is discove. Argh this series has its claws in me I can t stop reading

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For once no one wants to kill Samantha Martin She’s free to do all the things a mischievous imp loves to do like remove all the county speed limit signs and wrap City Hall in crime scene tape Her only worry beyond organizing the delivery of her boyfriend’s birthday present is writing thos. This was a good book I think if I hadn t been so over urban fantasy these days I d rate this four stars However I have to rate it how I fee


Red dead in the same manner he drags her to Seattle and Juneau to try to clear her name The race is on to find the murderer before Sam’s secret is exposed and she’s blamed for the deaths But is a devouring spirit really the killer or is there to the deaths than either Sam or Gregory suspe. Definitely improving but still only a 375I find it really frustrating that Sam can t seem to follow any type of logical conclusions until t

  • Paperback
  • 300
  • Devils Paw Imp #4
  • Debra Dunbar
  • English
  • 08 February 2018
  • 9781491295786

About the Author: Debra Dunbar

Debra lives in a little house in the woods in Maryland with three sons and a Noah’s ark of four legged family members She has a corporate job during the day and writes novels at night after the kids are tucked in bed She drives an Excursion affectionately called The Beast couldn’t carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan heavy on the vodka On a