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After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Dames Blanches Lou Reid Coco and Ansel are on the run from coven kingdom and church fugitives with nowhere to hideTo elude the scores of witches and throngs of chasseurs at their heels Lou and Re. 55 Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf Oh wowOH WOWWhat the bloody hell was this thing I just read Because oh wowThank the deity that Shelby Mahurin made a trilogy out of this because if she were to leave the things like that I would ve been extra pissed offThat cliffhangerTHAT BLOODY CLIFFHANGER Blood Honey started off on a high key and from the very first chapters I was sure that this was going to be the vibe of the entire book And guess what It wasWhen I thought things were about to calm down a bit BAM Another heart attack hit me It felt like I was scared for my own life like I was the one on the run constantly hunted down the bounty being on my own pretty headThe palpitations I got were real guys The things became complicated by the chapter and the mini heart attacks incoming were so stressful I had to stop from time to time to calm down The plot thickens because from now on the amount of secrets that are fogging up the entire plot is about to go into overdriveThe story gets darker rushed excruciating at some point and everything you have to do is sit there and sweat because that action is heart pumping Everything becomes visual terrifying And even so the main motif of the whole book seems to be the blindness of one s mind closing your eyes will not make it so the monsters can t see you It will only make you blind Now those who read the first book Serpent Dove know where things were left off with the characters Well none of those characters are the same in this installment and I mean itWe get to see other faces of the same characters we grew to love in the first book some of them become better some not so muchThroughout this book there is something strange happening to Lou like she is not being herself any she s just a mere puppet guided by an invisible hand to do things she isn t supposed to do by her own volition otherwiseShe doesn t listen to anyone she doesn t think before she acts and is too mischievous and reckless for her own good let alone other characters safety Lou s not one to be controlled from the outside at this pointThe thing is Lou is not the only character that annoyed me to no limits from time to timeHer hubby Reid was right up there with her teaming up to make me beat them both with a flip flopNo kidding I wish I could ve slapped some sense into them both like 80% of the time Please learn to communicate Thank youBut even so the two of them still manage to share a beautiful moment of complete understanding and trust They still remember how it feels to love each other without any pressure and they are now to teach each other how to be there when the time comes They need to learn how to be a strong teamLou needs to learn how to control all of the power and thirst for it that runs through her veins and Reid needs to understand that the world is neither black nor white And they need each other to balance things out when there is too much to deal with on their own I d chosen my fate and I d done it with my eyes wide open I d chosen this life This love And with my fingers trembling in hers with her heart beating alongside mine I still chose it I didn t really like some other characters either though the ones I used to love so much in the first book and it wasn t their fault it was like because of the environment they found themselves in Poor Coco was one of those charactersIn this book she s somehow passive and too easily annoyable She doesn t seem like herself either And the proximity of her own coven doesn t help her cause too muchThere are new characters entering scene that I just felt like I couldn t trust from the beginning It was at first a hunch of mine but then it just became and obvious that they are no good By the end all my brain can do was like er yeah I knew that I was right it s good you never trusted that bitch anywayBut even so some others really surprised me throughout the readingFirst off Madame Labelle is not as bad as she seems after she just lets her hair down and allows herself to be herself Even though she still suffers from a severe cause of stick up her bumSecond Beau and I share a birthday Oh my god I giggled at thatI started loving him and after I got to see who he really is He is a hilarious smart mouth with a deep love for his mother and sisters and a feeling of loyalty towards his true friends How can one not love him anywayFull on honesty mode right now the only character I cared about in this book like truly cared about was my pure baby AnselI thought at first that this sweet duckling is going to become and important you know achieving a nice coming of age transformation and all And oh I was right he really became important But boyI didn t want him to be that importantI mean I truly wanted to wrap this precious puppy in a blanket and love him forever because everyone was treating him like shit and he was the purest kind of pure and did not deserve those plebeians offenceYOU DON T TREAT MY BABY WITH SUCH DISRESPECTwithout breaking the shit out of my heartBy the end of this book everything goes directly to the seventh ring of hell and I m not even trying to sugar coat anything right now It s that badYou get exactly what you thought was going to happen and it still hurts BadlyYou prepare yourself for the worst thinking that nothing is going to hurt you like that any well just think againThat ending broke my fucking heart to pieces even though I was sure that this is going to happen But the thing that makes it even worse is the unfairness of it allThat bloody ending is so unfair I want to curse it to the windNOT COOL BROLittle disclaimer here though that C lie lass is going to have some serious screen time that I could care less about I never liked her and in this book she just proved everyone that she is the wrong kind of nun UghOh well now With that being said this is so so good in conclusion But it is stressful And it hurts And by the end it s terribly unfair And it ends in a cliffhangerBut it s such a good book I definitely recommend itJust go ahead and read it Go for it Go It s definitely worth it in my very humble opinion The world didn t end in a scream It ended in a gasp A single startled exhalation And then Nothing Nothing but silence

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Blood Honey

Id need allies Strong ones But protection comes at a price and the group is forced to embark on separate uests to build their forces As Lou and Reid try to close the widening rift between them the dastardly Morgane baits them in a lethal game of. What you are now is not what you ve always been nor is it what you always will be Is there anything worse than one of your most anticipated reads of the year being an absolute flop I ll be completely honest that going into this I was not expecting to enjoy it than Serpent Dove but I also wasn t expecting to want this to be over so badly while reading it So where did it all go wrong you ask Let s just get straight to the point For the love of God give me a recap Do yourself a favor and either reread Serpent Dove before picking this up OR try to find a spoiler filled review to recap the events in book one for you Blood Honey picks up pretty much right where book one left off and gives you little to no refreshers For a good majority of this book my head was spinning as I tried to recall the details of the first book and that definitely dampened my reading experience If you need an example at the very end of the book there s a plot twist that involves a character I legitimately had zero recollection of needless to say Google was my best friend while reading this Where are my favs The characters in this book felt so off Granted after how the last book ended character growth was bound to happen However this was like character regression Reid and Lou felt like entirely different characters not the ones I fell in love with in the first book and it got to the point that I actually started to dislike them and become invested in the side characters Get to the point please This baby comes in at over 500 pagesand nothing worthwhile happens until about the last forty or so pages It took me well over a month to read this because it truly felt as if the story was going no where To put it bluntly this book is just filler and it absolutely should have stayed a duology No love here I loved the romance between Reid and Lou in the first book that slow burn enemies to lovers type of love just fuels my soul Obviously since their feelings for one and another had been declared and were out in the open I knew it wouldn t be the same but I wasn t expecting it to be so lackluster For the first 10% of the book I was here for it because I was just so happy to be back with these characters but then as the rest of the story went downhill so did the romance Reid is emo We all know Reid is one extra soft boy But in this one I don t even have the words to describe how weird it was to hear him moping around for the entirety of this book Even the cliffhanger couldn t save it As mentioned above this book is no longer a duology but will now be a trilogy so yes this ends on a cliffhanger Is it a big one Yes Do I care Not one bit It s kind of sad when that huge haha gotcha moment of reading a cliffhanger is met with a sigh of relief because at least the book is finally overAnd there you have it friends To say I m bummed is definitely an understatement I really wish that this just been published as a duology and not dragged into a trilogy because this had so much potential and lived up to none of it br w Sol TheBookishKing Thank you HarperTeen for sending me an e ARC in exchange for a honest reviewBlog Twitter

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Cat and mouse that threatens to destroy something worth than any covenThe hotly anticipated seuel to the New York Times and IndieBound bestseller Serpent Dove packed with even steamier romance and darker magic is perfect for fans of Sarah J Maa. BYE

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    All I need is for Reid Lou and Big Titty Liddy to be okay Serpent And Dove ★★★★★

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    Me? glances around; points at self Oh I'm total fine after that ending And by “totally fine” I mean NOT AT ALL“And when everything is a matter of life and death for us the stakes are higher The we gain the we lose” ⚠️ Do not read this review if you have not read Serpent and Dove Book 1 ⚠️ Other than that there are no other spoilers in this review Lou Reid and Co have just made it out of Chattea

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    55 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺Oh wowOH WOWWhat the bloody hell was this thing I just read? Because oh wowThank the deity that Shelby Mahurin made a trilogy out of this because if she were to leave the things like that I would’ve been extra pissed offThat cliffhangerTHAT BLOODY CLIFFHANGER Blood Honey started off on

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    25 Should have been a duology but was extended to a trilogy starsNo one is disappointed that I am that my MOST anticipated 2020 releas

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    PSA for all of you eagerly waiting for this to be released in a few weeks please do a reread of ‘serpent dove’ you have time i desperately wish i did i forgot so much and was confused because of it that being said thos

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    “What you are now is not what you’ve always been nor is it what you always will be” Is there anything worse than one of your most anticipated reads of the year being an absolute flop? I’ll be completely honest that going into this I was not expecting to enjoy it than Serpent Dove but I also wasn’t expecting to want this to be over so badly while reading it So where did it all go wrong you ask? Let’s just get straight to the poin

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    I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewBuddy read with Laur HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOO O

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    this cover is too much

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    Oh You guys are not ready for this “And if I had to run hide and fight for that love I would For the rest of my life I would”Ho