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TXT [His Submissive Boston Doms #2 Jane Henry] greek mythology

  • Kindle Edition
  • 191
  • His Submissive Boston Doms #2
  • Jane Henry
  • English
  • 14 June 2017
  • null

10 thoughts on “His Submissive Boston Doms #2

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    Fun read with some nice tension and a bit of suspense I've enjoyed all of these characters over these last two books will certainly read

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    Holy moly This was one smoking hot book but why is it that I find myself eating chocolate again?? It’s said that chocolate is not an aphrodi

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    What do you get when you pair a gorgeous sweet and sassy sub with the uber sexy high handed deliciously dominant Alpha Male who rescued her in her darkest hour? A wildly addictive erotic romance that leaves you hopelessly enraptured from start to finish In HIS SUBMISSIVE book two in the swoonalicous Boston Doms series Hillary Mor

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    This was a good book that could have been great I would rate this 25 stars I just spent so much time frustrated with Matteo He was sexy as hell and I know he meant well but he is supposed to be this masterful Dom but he made some very poor choices in my opinion With the kind of power exchange here the way he kept messing with Hillary's head was not okay He said they are platonic but yet was constantly crossing the boundary Yes

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    This is the second book in the series and it sure does make one's temperatures rise and then someA fantastic thrilltastic read from tw

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    So many things to say about this one and yet my brain can't come up with all the words So i'll just start and see where I end upFirst of all this story is narrated by Batman No joke the whole time I was listening I could hear the narrator in the back of my head saying 'I'm Batman' in the deep garbally voice Now I am all for deep voices love them BUT you still have to be able to understand what they are saying and that wa

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    A Pixie💃 Pixilates😵 Matteo🐺ARC received for an honest reviewMatteo🐺🍌🌋✋ the playboy twin has seemed to set his sights on Hil

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    I loved this story Matteo and Hillary were great It was funny action packed sexy romantic spankings included and everything I could ask for Hillary was so strong to get over what she did and not let it deter her in her learning to be a submissive and her trusting Matt as her Dom was great Matt was an experienced Dom a great fit for his Tinke

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    Well you've at least met Dom's brother Matt and Heidi's sister Hillary This is their story and it's a pretty darn

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    The Power of a Nickname Hillary and Matteo are adorable together thanks to her brattiness and his determination to not get involved while being very very involved She does pull a TSTL move and that was disappointing because we should be beyo

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Jane Henry Ñ 5 Read

His Submissive Boston Doms #2

Matteo Angelico former Marine and experienced longtime dominant knows what he likes sexy submissive women who do what they're told and are willing and able to give him the control he craves But he also knows what he doesn't like the demands of a full time dynamic and a committed relationship He's happy to leave the flowery romance to his twin brother Dominic and Dom's fiancée Heidi So why can't he get the one girl who wants it all out of his headHillary Morrow has learned. Fun read with some nice tension and a bit of suspense I ve enjoyed all of these characters over these last two books will certainly read

review Î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ Jane Henry

All too well that Ds relationships don't always have fairy tale endings the last dominant she met online betrayed her trust in every possible way But that hasn't stopped her from giving her heart away to the most commitment phobic dominant in Boston Matteo Angelico When Matteo offers to give her the accountability and discipline she needs she eagerly accepts even when she finds herself taken across his kneeAs Hillary and Matteo's siblings plan their wedding the two of them. This is the second book in the series and it sure does make one s temperatures rise and then someA fantastic thrilltastic read from two fabulous writers

Read His Submissive Boston Doms #2

Find themselves in frustratingly romantic scenarios but still manage to maintain a semblance of distance However when Hillary finds herself the target of a stalker she and Matteo are thrown together and sparks fly Hillary trusts Matteo to keep her safe from the stalker but who will protect Hillary's heart from MatteoDisclaimer This book contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes Even though it's the second in the Boston Doms series it can be read as a standalone. Well you ve at least met Dom s brother Matt and Heidi s sister Hillary This is their story and it s a pretty darn good storyDom doesn t want Matt doing anything except protect Hillary Hillary is looking for a dominant She wants Matt but he has promised his brother that nothing will happen between them So Matt offers to help Hill find a dom and all sorts of interesting convoluted things start happening I would recommend the series to anyone that enjoys BDSM fantasy romance stories and I haven t even read them all yet

About the Author: Jane Henry

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes feisty heroines and emotion driven happily ever afters She writes what she loves to read kink with a tender touch Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince CharmingSign up for Jane's newsletter here