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[PDF] Fire Summer ✓ Thuy Da Lam

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Of VOICES OF THE VIETNAM POWS WITNESSES TO THEIR FIGHTFIRE SUMMER delivers a war ravaged Vietnam rich in history folklore the tragedy of families torn asunder and the beauty of Buddhist wisdom that connects the living and dead Suspenseful Thuy Da Lam's story of Maia Trieu's journey home is an impressive debut Charles Johnson author of MIDDLE PASSAGE“Like a strip of curtain between the dead and the living FIRE SUMMER is at once ephemeral and expansive A haunting debut from a writer whose characters lovingly described pass not only through rivers and airports but also despair and separation We are ferried with them to the other side – one where the fractured are finally come home” Uzma Aslam Khan author of TRESPASSING and THINNER THAN SK.

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Fire Summer

Maia carries out what she believes is her filial role to her late father a former ARVN soldier by returning to their homeland to continue the fight for an independent Vietnam Along the way however she meets a cast of characters historical and fictional living and dead who propel her on a journey of self discovery through which she begins to understand what it means to loveA girl plucked from the high seas off Vietnam is sent as a young woman to connect with an aging guerilla faction A detective story a uest for the mythic heart of Vietnam on its stones and soil – a novel of rare beauty Robert Onopa author of THE PLEASURE TUBE'What is the shape of one's life when one's action is based on love' So asks a character in Thuy Da Lam's lyrical novel. As a heartfelt and personal dive into a visceral post war Vietnam Thuy Da Lam s Fire Summer is the kind of book that sticks in the soul Readers without a knowledge of Vietnamese language and history may struggle in certain parts but in the end will walk away knowing in their hearts that they ve just experienced a magnificent work of literature I enjoyed it very much and was consistently lulled by the poetic beautiful prose and vivid descriptions that transported me to the into the pages several times almost catching a whiff of the marvelous food and flowers described It was a physic salve for the spirit

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FIRE SUMMER a work that shows us the Vietnam beyond the war movies Lam deftly explores the slippery interplay between heritage and identity history and duty ultimately proving that each of us is so much than the places we come from An important debut uan Barry author of SHE WEEPS EACH TIME YOU'RE BORNIn FIRE SUMMER past and present blend with here and there in ways that continually surprise yet somehow seem destined Vietnam is the setting and the legacy for the returning expatriate Maia and for an entourage of vivid characters who encounter and reencounter each other as they travel from the shores to the mountains searching for family closure and a home A beautiful funny and stunning novel that will reward repeated reading Craig Howes author. In that last hour before his body became ashes bravery dropped from her eyes each teardrop her inner voice calling across the border to the dead Maia Fire Summer follows Maia an expat Vietnamese as she returns on a double mission to pass information and to find the truth of what happened to her mother At the same time we follow a group of rebels in the jungle awaiting a signal for action and spirits who congregate in their village as an important festival approaches Maia garners uite the gang on her journey to climb Hon Vong Phu where she believes her journey will end Along the way she is shadowed by Public Security a tour guide a photojournalist and an aspiring lounge singer She participates in rituals of remembrance and respect at the altar of her ancestors and is hounded by the ghosts of uestions to which she seeks answers This story had me asking all the uestions as the staccato non linear structure made me feel I was in a maze that had constantly rotating twisting folding paths leaving me with ever uestions each time I stumbled from one scene to the next A very descriptive atmospheric story that was weighted by a past that is still being reckoned with through the lives and loves lost altered and those whose fates remain unknown Definitely a book that I will be revisiting if only to catch something I might have missed

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    Maia returns to Vietnam to return her father's ashes to try and figure out what happened to her mother and to contact her great aunt

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    As a heartfelt and personal dive into a visceral post war Vietnam Thuy Da Lam's Fire Summer is the kind of book that sticks in the sou

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    I heard the author speak at an event and was interested by her presentation and how she described her book so I pi

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    In that last hour before his body became ashes bravery dropped from her eyes each teardrop her inner voice call

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    “In those moments when he believed freedom could be attained in living he felt at peace”Incredibly well written with incredible characters I learned a lot of about Vietnamese culture and history as well The ending wrapped up well although somewhat unexpectedly I wish I could’ve understood the Vietnamese

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    This book was beautifully written with a broad cast of interesting characters Found it a little bit hard to follow the interweaving plots of the dead and the living plus some interweaving themes and metaphors made it tricky to parse out what was real and what was not which may be the pointIt's beautiful and hau

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    Allusive Elliptical Magical A well written tale

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    My published review of this book can be found at this link