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Pathfinder Adventure Path #62 Curse of the Lady's Light [ Pdf ] ↠ Mike Shel

Summary Pathfinder Adventure Path #62 Curse of the Lady's Light

Pathfinder Adventure Path #62 Curse of the Lady's Light

Iron MaidensVarisia’s newest heroes have stumbled across a powerful relic from the ancient empire of Thassilon yet the artifact has been sundered into seven fragments The third of these fragments lies in the swampy Mushfens south of the city of Magnimar hidden within an ancient towering lighthouse known as the Lady’s Light With suabbling boggards troglodytes and other swamp monsters dwelling around the ruins approaching the Light will re.

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Evel characters by Mike Shel The sadistic secrets of the Gray Maidens a militaristic order once fiercely loyal to an evil deposed ueen by F Wesley Schneider The secret ways peerless techniues and ancient traditions of Torag stern god of the forge protection and strategy by Sean K Reynolds Alchemy and housebreaking in the Pathfinder’s Journal by Bill Ward Four new monsters by Levi Miles Sean K Reynolds and Mike ShelCover art by Wayne Reynol.

Mike Shel Ô 0 Summary

Uire either stealth or bravado But the threats posed by slimy and scaly humanoids pale in comparison to the exiled Gray Maidens who have claimed the interior of the Light as their new headuarters or to the sinister curse that afflicts the powerful ancient caretaker of the ruinThis volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Shattered Star Adventure Path and includes “Curse of the Lady’s Light” a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 5th l.

  • Paperback
  • 92
  • Pathfinder Adventure Path #62 Curse of the Lady's Light
  • Mike Shel
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9781601254597

About the Author: Mike Shel

Mike Shel not his real name was born in Detroit Michigan in 1964 and grew up in the suburb of Dearborn the hometown of Henry Ford genius industrialist and virulent anti Semite nutjob Mike has also lived in southern Illinois Louisville Kentucky Atlanta Georgia and now Indianapolis Indiana After writing two adventures for Dungeon Magazine in the early 90s he crawled down a deep dark h

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    It's hard to rate a gaming supplement as a Good Read I enjoyed it I don't know how it will run yet but we will find out in December 2015

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