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2 thoughts on “Hidden Identity

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    Chelsea Pierce is headed to a cabin she believes belonged to her husband Stephen who has recently died as a way to commemorate his passing But the other passenger in the helicopter she's travelling in pulls a gun and the hel

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    This is a interesting story Its a what if kinda situation I found the beginning interesting for we meet Chelsea Pierce who has lost someone The way the story is written it gives you a look at every possible situation something could happen You meet the hero who is supposed to be dead but this is were the mystery begins and Adam Parish's story begins Its a neat situation You get to see 2 people meeting again in a uniue situation

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Download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ Alice Sharpe

Carrying his child On the run from merciless killers Adam vows to protect Chelsea and their baby But once he reveals the truth will he lose the woman he loves a second ti.

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Hidden Identity

He “died” to save the woman he lovedNow her amnesia might save them bothFaking his death was the only way for Adam Parish to stay alive But when a suspicious helicopt.

Download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ Alice Sharpe

Er crash reunites him with the woman he had to leave behind Adam knows they’re both in danger Unfortunately Chelsea Pierce doesn’t remember who he is or that she’s.