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Katie Morag Fox Tales { Free } Author Mairi Hedderwick

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Those who have loved the Katie Morag picture books will be delighted to see that Struay's endearing heroine is back in this collection of three ilustrated stories for older children ideal for building reading confidenceIn Saturday Sweets Katie Morag a. Lila and Alex short story. X-Rated. reading confidenceIn Saturday Sweets Katie Morag a.

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Katie Morag Fox Tales

Nd Liam can't decide which sweets to give Granny Island as a present but they do decide that the best way to make up their minds is to taste all the sweets themselvesIn The Pony and the Hamster Katie Morag is thrilled when Granny Island gets a pony ca.

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Lled Eriska but Katie and her friend Agnes soon find out that looking after a pet is a big responsibility And in The Camping Holiday Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins find themselves stranded by the tide but luckily Eriska is on hand to save the day.

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    I remember when I was at infant school that we had a biweekly book club; essentially a children's publisher would have a stall in the school hall and we could contribute money each week to then save up for a book

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    it was very good

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