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Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice Download AUTHOR Michael Brandman – TXT and Kindle

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  • Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice
  • Michael Brandman
  • English
  • 12 July 2019
  • 9780307987785

10 thoughts on “Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice

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    Pop uiz If you were the chief of police in a small town which of these issues would be your top priority?1 A movie production has star

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    As usual it didn't take long to finish the latest in the Jesse Stone series I'd estimate somewhere around three hours all told in fact Some of that I'll chalk up to all the short sentences think Yep Nope I do each of whic

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    The awarding of no stars is NOT an oversightThe sad thing is that the idea of extending the Jesse Stone series after Robert B Parker's death comes across as a cynical money grabbing exercise judging by this feeble imitation of Parker's work Brandman is described as an award winning producer of ' than thirty motion pictures' Let's be clear these are television films not films you might see at the cinema He has won 2 AC

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    Smoked Mozzarella CheeseIf you're looking for a complex plot with a clever twist and deeply profound characters this book isn't for youIf you're looking for pizza garlic knots and a large coke you've come to the right placeI had pizza with smoked mozzarella cheese it was excellent Try it on homemade pizzaAnyway back to the book Michael Bran

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    The movies come to Paradise followed by trouble in guise of a husband that got his marching orders from his famous movie star wifeT

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    After the death of author Robert B Parker Michael Brandman took over the “Jesse Stone” series The first one

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    This book #11 in the Jesse Stone Series by Robert B Parker and so far my favorite Unfortunately Robert B Parker passed away in 2010 and this bo

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    Fool Me twice Jesse Stone #11 by Michael BrandmanVery well done This was Jesse Stone on every page and Robert B P

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    I like the new Jesse Stone Brandman's version of Stone has him less screwed up and comfortable in his own skin Less booze no pining for his s

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    I think what I like most about these books is that everything is solved and you can see things moving in positive directions This book was no

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Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice

Driver the political repercussions of her arrest bring him into conflict with the local selectmen the DA and some people with very deep pockets There’s murder in the air and Jesse’s reputation as an uncompromising defender of the law and his life are on the lin. I like the new Jesse Stone Brandman s version of Stone has him less screwed up and comfortable in his own skin Less booze no pining for his slutty ex wife which never played too well with me in the first place yet the same sardonic sure of himself investigator I wasn t sure Brandman was going to work as a stand in for the late Robert Parker but I was rooting for him or somebody to keep this great character going With this book Brandman not only takes up the Jesse Stone baton but makes him a stronger self assured character with the same against the grain streak of independence and snappy dialog Like most Parker books this one is a uick read but throughly enjoyable Michael Brandman has an excellent grasp of this character and is a fitting heir to channel Robert Parker s Jesse StoneNow having anointed Brandman as the heir to pick up the Jesse Stone mantle there is still room for improvement As another reader pointed out Brandman s weapons knowledge is embarrassing Brandman s version of the relationship between Molly and Jesse is off Molly normally gives Jesse a feminist attitude about getting coffee and a multitude of other things but you could always read between the lines to see the real affection she has for the man In this book she just seems cranky Another issue is the cat Stone is a dog person Never the twain shall meet Get the man a big rescue mutt of some sort preferably a Golden Retriever No frou frou lap dogs and no cats Jesse Stone was and should always be a dog person So while Michael Brandman has come a long way from his first Stone novel further tweeking may be necessary before I can no longer distinguish the Brandman version from Parker s original

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Autumn in Paradise Massachusetts is usually an idyllic time but not this year A Hollywood movie company has come to town and brought with it a huge cast crew and a troubled star Marisol Hinton is very beautiful reasonably talented and scared out of her wits that her. As usual it didn t take long to finish the latest in the Jesse Stone series I d estimate somewhere around three hours all told in fact Some of that I ll chalk up to all the short sentences think Yep Nope I do each of which as is book writing protocol starts a new paragraph A single conversation between hero Jesse Stone and a single other character then easily can use up an entire pageI must say though that author Michael Brandman has captured the essence of the late Robert B Parker s style as he did in the earlier Robert B Parker s Killing the Blues I ll even go far enough to say that he does it better than Ace Atkins who was chosen by the Parker family to carry on Parker s highly successful Spenser series Even though Jesse always seems to me to be Spenser in cowboy boots there are differences and IMHO Brandman does a better job of picking up on them That s no accident I m sure since he either co wrote or supervised writing of eight of the Jesse Stone movies that starred Tom Selleck In any event he knows the drillIn this one Stone first has a run in with a belligerent teenager who insists on texting while driving even though it s illegal how s that for keeping things current Since she s the spoiled child of wealthy well connected parents Stone is forced to deal with the politics of small town Paradise Massachusetts as well Then when a motion picture company brings a production to town Stone is charged with solving a related murder In between he uncovers a long standing scheme to overcharge Paradise residents for waterDoes everything get resolved in the end This is Jesse Stone for goodness sake so the only thing left somewhat in the wind is Stone s not so vague feelings of discontent and loneliness All in all the book is a fun experience if nothing else it s a good way to wile away a Saturday night when you ve got nothing else to do

Characters Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice

Estranged husband’s jealousy might take a dangerous turn When she becomes the subject of a death threat Jesse and the rest of the Paradise police department go on high alert       And when Jesse witnesses a horrifying collision caused by a distracted teenage. After the death of author Robert B Parker Michael Brandman took over the Jesse Stone series The first one Robert B Parker s Killing The Blues was a fairly good book It certainly was not Robert B Parker but the book was good and there was the suggestion that Michael Brandman had plans to push the boundaries a little bit Unfortunately this novel is simply nowhere as near as good while it reads like discarded pieces of a movie script due to the lack of depth to characters or scenes The book features three eually weak storylines that are way too predictable for any mystery readerThe primary storyline is about threats against actress Marisol Hinton who is in town to film a movie Her marriage to another actor is collapsing due to his ego his lack of movie roles and his heavy drug useThe two secondary storylines involve water usage and rates and the spoiled teen of a rich family who is acting out In a sense all three storylines in this latest Jess Stone novel are about folks acting out in one way or another In all cases those involved get dealt with in easily predictable fashion over the course of the 278 page novel A novel that features very little scene description nothing new in the Jesse Stone character and weak storylines that seem to have come straight from a discarded movie script of the now cancelled series On a positive note the mentions of Jesse s ex wife Jenn are kept to a bare minimum giving the impression that Jesse is slowly moving onGoing back on the promise of a slightly edgier Jesse Stone Robert B Parker s Fool Me Twice A Jesse Stone Novel is saccharine even for this series One knew that it would be all but impossible for anyone to continue the Jesse Stone series as written by Robert B Parker One hoped that Mr Brandman would not make it the series even lighter in terms of storylines plots settings etc Thanks to an absolute minimum of scene setting limited dialogue that often reads forced and three storylines where the resolution is obvious from early on this read is a very disappointing step backwards and not anywhere near the level of the last bookRobert B Parker s Fool Me Twice A Jesse Stone NovelMichael BrandmanG P Putnam s Son Penguin Group 2012ISBN 978 0 399 15949 7Hardback276 Pages2599Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano Texas Public Library SystemKevin R Tipple 2012MIND SLICES at MIND SLICES at Smashwords Book Reviews and More

About the Author: Michael Brandman

Michael Brandman is an acclaimed novelist screenwriter and motion picture & television producer His Jesse Stone novels KILLING THE BLUES FOOL ME TWICE and DAMNED IF YOU DO each based on characters created by the late Robert B Parker are all New York Times best sellers Together with Tom Selleck he has written and produced nine Jesse Stone films for television the tenth of which will pre