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[Cassandra Lawson] Epub Embrace the Heat Moon Virus Book 2 Download

Characters Embrace the Heat Moon Virus Book 2

On her seventh birthday Layla’s mother mysteriously disappeared Raised by a wood nymph in one of the few remaining human settlements Layla learned to fight from an early age She also learned to distrust the vampires who rule most of the land When a vampire saves her life Layla finds herself than a little drawn to him even knowing he could never give his heart to a humanThe trauma of his childhood. I am officially a Cassandra Lawson fangirl She could write a phone book restaurant menu or a product description for and I m going to read it as long as she keeps delivering these hot Alpha vampires I am hooked This is the second book in the Moon Virus series and I FLOVE it It starts off where the first book ends but this one is centered around Simon and Layla Layla is one of the humans that Raven brings to the vampire settlement from the human settlement they were all living in She is adjusting well to her new life and making friends uickly with the vampires One in particular is a constant source of frustrationSimon She wants him in every way possible but knows there will never be anything between them but friendshipSimon was a slave growing up and for a long time harbored nothing but ill will towards the humans To him they were only good for one thingblood With and humans coming to live on the vampire settlement he was learning to befriend them and not hate all humans He was deeply attracted to Layla but never could be with a human in that way He struggles with his desire but remains friends with her though they constantly tease one another He wants from her and is fighting himself constantlyRight before Layla s 27th birthday something strange starts happening with her She is emitting a smell that is driving all the male vampires crazy with lust Her own arousal has been heightened tenfold and nothing she does herself is any form of relief With the help of Raven Layla discovers that she s not uite fully human Now that the human label has been removed everything inside Simon is let loose Layla finally gets what she wantsSimon However no matter how many sparks fly in the bedroom Layla is not convinced that Simon truly wants to be with her Just when you think things are going just right for this coupleSimon s past comes back to haunt them Will it break them Will Simon survive through this torment once again Read to find outI m so in love with this series Simon is HOT HOT HOT That man should come with a warning label at least Layla is strong and fierce She holds her own ground I love these two The book was well written and keeps you on your toes The hot and steamy will leave you panting and fanning yourself like crazy Go 1 click and get caught up before the next book in the series comes out I can t wait for Ian s story

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Embrace the Heat Moon Virus Book 2

Left Simon weary and distrustful of all humans until the day he saved Layla’s life After seeing the spirited human fighting like a seasoned warrior Simon can’t help but respect and admire her He soon learns that Layla is much than he ever imagined and he finds it hard to stay away from her Despite the depths of his feelings Simon knows there can be no future for themBoth of their worlds are tu. 4 stars Why did I want to read this bookI first met Simon and Layla as secondary characters in the first Moon Virus book and when I learned that the two will get their own book together well I was definitely looking forward to it I was mostly intrigued with Simon because of his experiences with humans when he was younger so I m curious as to what kind of story he will have What worked for meI liked Raven s Blood the first book but didn t really love it But this second book was love for me I mentioned in my review of the first book how much potential Cassandra Lawson s writing has and I m glad to say that she made great strides in terms of story cohesion and characterization with this second book And that makes me really really happyIt was a great experience watching Simon and Layla circle around their feelings for each other Layla always thought that what she felt for Simon was one sided and unreuited and that she totally understood that they could never have any future because of Simon s past no matter how little she knows about it On the other hand Simon has developed strong affections for Layla ever since he saved her during a confrontation with the bad guys in book one Now if only he was not so blind as to the direction of those feelings we ll probably get somewhere Don t worry we do get somewhere I also appreciate that even though they were together together not everything s perfect and there are some things that they still need to work out as a couple It s not all perfect and this element adds to the realistic feel of their relationship which I really lovedI really appreciate the great pacing of the story not just in terms of the development of the romance between the two and trust me it was awesome The sexual tension and build up were so intense they could cut the air Again awesome but also in the overarching theme of the series What did not work for meCassandra Lawson writes the most sick villains in the history of paranormal books I give her props on this because the villainous things these people do are really something and I guess also adds that layer of uncertainty in this particular type of conflict My only minor issue being that I have mixed feelings about a plot point being an overkill It was just a little too much although it still didn t take away my full enjoyment of the book My over all take on itThis was a great follow up book in the Moon Virus series Simon and Layla are both admirable beings and it was wonderful seeing their friendship develop into something This book was a lot tighter than the first one in terms of both plot pacing and characterization and I have to give due props to Cassandra from doing such a great job with this one Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review Yes these are my honest and personal thoughts on this book

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Rned upside down as Layla nears her twenty seventh birthday Suddenly the male vampires are inexplicably drawn to her and Simon is no exception As they unravel the mystery of Layla’s heritage an enemy from their past resurfaces and threatens to destroy Simon and all that he cares forThis book contains a graphic scene involving physical and psychological abuse which may be disturbing to some reader. I am not an avid reader of paranormal or sci fi books but Cassandra Lawson has one huge fan in me I loved Raven s Blood book one of the Moon Virus Series and was extremely excited to review Embrace the Heat book two If you are skeptic like me on reading sci fi romances besides Twilight of course please for the love of all that is good in the book world read this series This is a definite 5 star read for me Cassandra gives you everything you love in a great romance with suspense angst lust action and even some sexy time Layla is one of the humans that live in the vampire settlement and she has her eye on one very special vampire Simon is a beautiful vampire and even though he sees Layla he knows he will never be with her because she is human With his tough up bringing he has some trust issues with humans I loved the back and forth with these two characters They had crazy chemistry but there was something holding them back that is until a big revelation Read to find out how their relationship changes and where the story takes them on their journey to find themselves and each other This is a great read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and falling for the characters Cassandra writes her characters so well you forget they are supernatural and fall in love with their personal journey This is a great read that I highly recommend to everyone who loves a good romance Reviewed by Tonya N Eye Candy Bookstore

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    I am such an eBook junky that I had bought this book in 2015 and just remembered to read it but I am sure glad I did As soon as I started reading it I remembered the first book of the series I read and the lore around the v

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    I am officially a Cassandra Lawson fangirl She could write a phone book restaurant menu or a product description for and I'm going to read it as long as she keeps delivering these hot Alpha vampires I am hooked This is the second b

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    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC ReviewAnother good and intense book in Cassandra's A Moon Virus Series Embrace The Heat is the second book in the series and I think it has a bit darkness to it due to some stuff in the story that

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    Why must I be limited to 5 stars? Can I please give this 10? Cassandra has outdone herself again She honestly has I LOVED this I could not put this book down and I had to because I had to work Dang Work We met Simon in Raven's Blood so we know some of his history from thereTurn it up 5 notches when Simon cannot stay away from Layla He has a

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    4 stars Why did I want to read this book?I first met Simon and Layla as secondary characters in the first Moon Vir

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    I have found a new paranormal romance series that I love I loved Raven's Blood and I eually love Embrace the Heat The idea

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    I am not an avid reader of paranormal or sci fi books but Cassandra Lawson has one huge fan in me I loved Raven’s Blood

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    I received this book as part of the blog tour in return for a fair and honest reviewSimon is the golden angel with a deep mistrust of humans He has learnt in the past few years that not all humans are as bad as the one who mistreated him but he still refuses to have anything beyond friendship with Layla because she is humanLayla has a small circle of friends the closest of which are Danny and Mark Since her mother disappeared she

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    I read the first book in the series Raven's Blood and really enjoyed it so I was super looking forward to this and it did not disappointWe were introduced to both Simon and Layla in the first book and I was eager to read their story They obviously have feelings for each other but have chosen not to act on those

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    Get ready to be pulled into an exciting Paranormal RomanceI loved Ravens Blood the first book in this series so was excited to be asked to review book 2 about Simon and LaylaLayla moved to the vampire compound with some other humans a