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Steve Cockayne { ebook } The Good People – PDF, DOC & Kindle free

  • Hardcover
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  • The Good People
  • Steve Cockayne
  • en
  • 11 July 2018
  • 9781904233626

10 thoughts on “The Good People

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    Original Surprising And somewhat sinister This book although as said above is rather long winded the storyline however is so incredible No one has come up with such a fantastic storyline as thisI do feel this would be suited to only some as the way it's written doesn't uite support the storyI was often surprised by the events taken place and rather confused at the change in tone but it was thoroughly enjoyedI RECOMMEND

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    I'm not sure how this wonderfully unsettling book ended up miscast as teen fantasy It is a strange otherworldly story which constantly challenges your perception of what is really happening and what is merely the self protective fantasy of a si

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    I can't help thinking that this could've been made into perhaps a 150 page book rather than a 300 page book perhaps even less That gives you an

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    Very slow but intriguing book To say that the end of the book has a twist would be an understatement Do not be f

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    I read this novel when I was uite a bit younger and again recently I think that it would be uite easy to skim through this book and miss a lot of what Cockayne really intends whenever something strange occurs I doubt a superficial reader would enjoy this bookI can't really express what i found to be the intentions without giving away major aspects of the plot though I'm afraidI found this book to be chilling and interesting to

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    Freaky Had fun reliving the imaginative play my sister and I partook of when we were kids but in the book the line between

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    Confused and confusing I was never really clear on what was happening and why it was relevantThe main character is very unsympathetic and the story is way too depressing especially at the end hence the two stars

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    I read this when I was about 10 and remember enjoying the book though I was sometimes disturbedI've actually being trying to

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    Read this when I was younger like 12 maybe and I still clearly remember it being very good D

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    Interesting children's book I read this when I was way younger and do not think i will ever forget this story

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The Good People

Side plunges deeper into global conflict the Arborians wage their own war against the Barbaria. I read this when I was about 10 and remember enjoying the book though I was sometimes disturbedI ve actually being trying to remember this book s name for months and might reread it now I ve found it

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Deep in the English countryside Kenneth and his older brother have discovered the land of Arbo. I can t help thinking that this could ve been made into perhaps a 150 page book rather than a 300 page book perhaps even less That gives you an idea of the pacing and the amount of stuff that is overall unneccessaryBasic story Kenneth and Robert live with their grandmother in England during World War One There s a magic land beyond their house called Arboria where they have adventures and fight against the Barbarians and their leader Davy Hearn Then two evacuees Nadia and Janny come to stay They live there for a while Then Robert leaves Kenneth stays for the rest of his life there practicallyThat s really about itThis was atmospheric in part due to the gorgeous stylistic writing and the book itself was half way between have to keep reading and I want to put this down now I felt kind of obligated to finishThe events of the end were in a way worth the slow slow build up That s what I felt but I started to disconnect from the narrator at that stage If you were reading what I was reading you would too It would have been better if the creepiness was turned up a little during the novel it s there but it s not a big enough factor to make the book as a whole very memorableI should mention that writing from Kenneth s point of view was extremely well done if not the actual best techniue to use in a situation like this I feel that by the whole novel coming through his viewpoint I missed out on a lot of thingsPart of the novel is that you do begin to wonder a little about how much is real and how much is false by the ending though it s obviously meant to be real And you feel sorry for Kenneth I ll give you that However there s a lot to read before you get to the moment that makes you go is this real And then you forget about this point the point that the book jacket hails as being the biggest and most important and keep reading wondering when this book is actually going to endSpeaking of the end most of the good stuff happens there actually And still you re left wondering about why Janny and Nadia whose characterisation didn t seem very distinct from one another actually came to the house in the first place A lot of the foreshadowing about them never really comes to fruition There seems to be no discernable plot it s a little episodicShould you read it Wait for an abridged version In the end this book was rather pointless

review The Good People

Ria a kingdom of adventure waiting for them through a gate in the garden wall As the world out. Very slow but intriguing book To say that the end of the book has a twist would be an understatement Do not be fooled by the boring beginning narrative of children playing makebelieve in a treehouse as it is uite the psychological thriller Not a book to read if you like fast paced stories that suck you in within the first few pages but is a rewarding read if you see it through to the end and at a certain point there is no turning back I read this book three years ago and it is one of the most striking and memorable stories I have ever read I remember finishing the boook at a cafe and just sitting there in stunned silence feeling like I needed time to get over the book before I could pick up another