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[Jens Müller] LOGO Modernism [young adult Book] eBook – Kindle ePUB & PDF

characters LOGO Modernism

LOGO Modernism

Ron the history of logos and an essay byR Roger Remingtonon modernism and graphic design Eight designer profiles and eight instructive case studies are also included with a detailed look at the life and work of such luminaries asPaul Rand Yusaku Kamekura andAnton Stankowski and at such significant projects asFiat The Daiei Inc and theMexico Olympic Games of 1968 An unrivaled resource for graphic designers advertisers and branding specialists Logo Modernismis eually fascinating to anyone interested in social cultural and corporate history and in the sheer persuasive power of image and form Text in English French and Germa. this is nice book

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Brand new An unprecedented catalog of modern trademarks Modernist aesthetics in architecture art and product design are familiar to many In soaring glass structures or minimalist canvases we recognize a time of vast technological advance which affirmed the power of human beings to reshape their environment and to break radically from the conventions or constraints of the pastLess well known but no less fascinating is thedistillation of modernism in graphic design With the creation of clean visual concepts designers sought to move away from the mystiue they identified with the commercial artist and to counterbalance an in. You can t really read this book I guess since it s mostly for visual inspiration It s a beautiful tome of beautiful work even though the categories feel a bit random Would recommend to anyone who needs a nice reference book to review ideas and realize that everything is a remix

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Creasingly complicated world with clarityThis unprecedented TASCHEN publication authored byJens Muller brings together approximately 6000 trademarks focused on the period 1940 1980 to examine howmodernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate identity Ranging from media outfits to retail giants airlines to art galleries the sweeping survey is organized into three design orientated chapters Geometric Effect and Typographic Each chapter is then sub divided into form and style led sections such as alphabet overlay dots and suaresAlongside the comprehensive catalog the book features an introduction fromJens Mulle. I think Logo Modernism is a wonderful book It s very need for all of designer in the world

  • Hardcover
  • 432
  • LOGO Modernism
  • Jens Müller
  • en
  • 03 January 2019
  • 9783836545303

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    This book is huge It's almost an A3 in size and weights about 5kg one of the pretties books I ever laid hands on That been said let's move onThe book consists of 6 Chapters LogoViva Modernismand then divided into sections of Geometric Effect and Typographic Each one of them has a case studyProfilesThe contains

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    Wonderfully put together comprehensive and very rich Particularly enjoyed specific case studies and biographies Classification system index let it down a bit I know the problem of discovery and classification is not easy But the ind

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    You can't really “read” this book I guess since it's mostly for visual inspiration It's a beautiful tome of beautiful work even though the categories feel a bit random Would recommend to anyone who needs a nice reference book to

  4. says:

    I think Logo Modernism is a wonderful book It's very need for all of designer in the world

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    Exceptional book an amazing resource for all designers

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    this is nice book

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    Reading the best graphic novel

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    A gem for logo design enthusiasts

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    Graphic Design Massive book Comprehensive aesthetic well organized this is a good reference and a joy to just browse

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