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DOC [Ashamed AUTHOR Laura Walsh Laura Walsh] nairobi – Epub, Kindle eBook and eBook Online

Laura Walsh ✓ 4 characters

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Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Laura Walsh

Ashamed AUTHOR Laura Walsh

Ashamed but unable to find the strength to fight back until one Christmas when her addictions finally threatened to kill her Ashamed is the inspirational account of how Laura found the strength to step back from hell launch a successful business and become a mother to her children once again.

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When Laura Walsh walked into her four month old daughter’s bedroom she was confronted with a mother’s worst nightmare Her beautiful baby was dead in her cot This tragedy marked the beginning of Laura’s journey of self destruction She became addicted to painkillers and alcohol her marri.

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    Wow what a story Very sad situation that Laura had to deal with how very sad to lose your child to cot death then unfortunately she lost her way with alcohol and drugs Very worthwhile read

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