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[New World Fairy Tales [BOOK] Free read ePUB AUTHOR Cassandra Parkin

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In contemporary America an un named college student sets out on an obsessive journey of discovery to collect and record the life stories of total strangers The interviews that follow have echoes of another far famous literary journey undertaken long ago and in another worldDrawing on the original unexpurga. I d initially thought that this collection of short stories was going to be very strong on the fantasy element but while it s clear that these are all fairytale retellings all the stories are realistic with only hints of magic scattered throughout which was in itself expertly doneThe stories are as follows Interview 4 4 stars Unsurprisingly this was the one I loved immediately since Cinderella was amongst my favorite tales growing up even though it was the simplest one It s also the one that completely sucked me in from the start and I read the first 40% of the collection because of this one starter story Amazing Interview 9 5 stars This got a bit political So of course I was going to love it Here is where the the fairytale the magic and the contemporary setting blended perfectly Interview 15 4 stars I absorbed this one like a breath of fresh air There was so much beauty and so much ugliness It was a pleasure Interview 17 4 stars The ending of this one really surprised me and while I don t think it s too original at this point I mean come on it s 2016 and there are many plots that ve utilized this twist but I still have to hand it to the author to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout Interview 26 3 stars This one was new and difficult to relate to a fairytale but I still enjoyed it I d guessed something even darker for Thomas then what was given so unfortunately this was the story I liked the least though not by much obviously Interview 42 5 stars Snow White is a boy And he is gay And I loved itWould highly recommend this collection to newer readers of magical realism fairytale retellings or short story collections It s made for you to slip into a dark but delicious little secrets


New World Fairy Tales

Ew World Fairy Tales reclaims the fairy tale for the modern adult audience A haunting blend of romance and realism these stripped back narratives of human experience are the perfect read for anyone who has read their child a bedtime fairy story and wondered who ever said these were stories meant for childr. New World Fairy Tales is a collection of short stories influenced by the Grimm Brothers fairy tales set in the new world chronologically as well as geographically It is also the winner of Salt s 2011 Scott Prize for a debut collection of short stories I must confess that I didn t have high expectations it seemed a rather hackneyed concept what could possibly be extracted from these stories that hasn t already been exploited by Disney or parodied by Dahl Although who doesn t appreciate Red Riding Hood whipping a pistol from her knickers Cassandra Parkin s interpretations however are fresh and inventive without losing the enchantment of the original talesThe stories take the form of interviews and are not named but numbered Interview 4 9 15 17 27 and 42 respectively I m not sure if there is meant to be a message in that particular seuence they are similar to the magic seuence of numbers in Lost 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 and they end on the portentous 42 which is the answer to the ultimate uestion in The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy but I digress The interviewer is an un named college student touring the US collecting stories The interviewees are sometimes reluctant to cooperate but there is always a story to be wheedled out of them They are all told in the first person and as an English person writing American voices Parkin is very convincingThe first interview immediately demonstrates how these stories differentiate themselves The setting is evocative New Orleans during Mardi Gras The characters seem familiar two stepdaughters a step mother but where is Cinderella There is an interesting twist the step mother is the Cinderella of this version exploited by her step daughters It was not my favourite story but it encouraged me to continue exploring Parkin s world It is another universe that she has imagined the settings are earthy and grounded but the stories convey an air of wonder that is other worldly the stuff of fairy tales and yet somehow they do not lose their sense of authenticity They are incredibly engaging This is uite an achievement particularly for short stories A lot of contemporary short stories in their endings specifically seem to tend towards rather dire kitchen sink realism Happy endings have fallen out of favour Parkin s stories unabashedly defy this trend this is not even deus ex machina this is magic And we believe in her endings we become the audience clapping our hands to prove that we do believe in fairiesPart of the fun of these stories is figuring out which original fairy tale is being referenced some of them are easier to spot than others One of them I m still not sure about I will try not to spoil all the surprises but one of the most straight forward conversions is found in Interview 9 the Three Little Pigs become three corrupt cops pursued by a vengeful lupine goddess and boy does she blow their houses down Some of the links are a lot tenuous than this though this is no paint by numbers homage My favourite one has a Rapunzel connection but the story charts its own course meandering through the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a love story that spans twenty years Its protagonist Cornelia is a sculptor who moulds her life as her art with great patience and serenity I found Cornelia to be one of the most interesting characters perhaps because the vast scope of this story allows us to follow the development of her sense of identity and her creativity The final story in this collection is a contemporary Snow White that is moving and captivating than either of the recent Hollywood versionsNew World Fairy Tales is immensely enjoyable and utterly compelling I was drawn into each world and into the concerns of each of the characters I would highly recommend itThis review was first published on the Writers Hub wwwwritershubcouk

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Ted tales collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm six of their most famous works are re imagined in the rich and endlessly varied landscapes of contemporary AmericaFrom the glass towers of Manhattan to the remoteness of the Blue Ridge mountains; from the swamps of Louisiana to the jaded glamour of Hollywood N. Gorgeous The retellings of the Three Little Pigs and Rapunzel were my favourites I really recommend this One of the best books I read in February

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    I’d initially thought that this collection of short stories was going to be very strong on the fantasy element but while

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    I’ve read uite a few collections of fairytale retellings in recent months and this one is among the best It’s rare for me to read a short story collection and enjoy every story and this is one of the few times that it has happened Parkin do

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    Surprisingly good real life stories with just a gentle touch evoking fairy tales we all know Mostly Grimm's brothers ones What's makes it even interesting although on the other hand a bit too straightforward are political and social themes running through out those stores White cops crimes on Afro Americans corporations sucking every bit of l

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    I was on the fence about this one I really liked the first story The second one was okay I loved the third one And then the rest were again just okay So overall I liked it hence three stars

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    Any Fairy Tale retellings are fine by me and when you set them in modern day America it just adds something a little extra to the mix and I found this book to be a fabulous little read around 150 pages that offers something very diff

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    Gorgeous The retellings of the Three Little Pigs and Rapunzel were my favourites I really recommend this One of the best books I read in February

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    35 starsA really interesting collection of short stories inspired by fairy tales set in the modern day The way I hear people talk about this collection I expected there to be of a connection between stories and supernaturalfantastical elements but I was let down in that department I did enjoy some stories than others the second one

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    New world fairytales Interview #4 Loved it Cinderella is my favorite 5⭐️Had some every important and politica

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    'New World Fairy Tales' is a collection of short stories influenced by the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales set in the ‘new world’—chronologically as well as geographically It is also the winner of Salt’s 2011 Scott Prize for a debut colle

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    This book contains six short stories ostensibly based on individual Grimm's fairy tales but with a twist A big hard twisted twist Not all of the tales are actually from Grimm's by the way despite whatever maketing hype or other reviewers might say This isn't a bad thing by any means just a little complex than the simpler statement The tales are also ostensibly based on a series of interviews with assorted fairy tale characters living in t