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read Florrie the Dummy Fairy epub author Anthony J. Crosbie

Summary Florrie the Dummy Fairy

Iful pictures My toddler loves it''What a wonderful story Thanks to Florrie the dummy fairy my three year old gave his dummy up that very night after loads of previous attempts A massive hit in our house'.

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Florrie the Dummy Fairy

Recommended as an effective and fun way of weaning children off their beloved dummiesFlorrie transforms Elliott's dummy into his very own twinkling star a comforting and nightly reminder of an innocence t.

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Hat might otherwise be forgotten'Magical and wonderful book My child loves the story and was so excited about Florrie visiting and turning her dummy into a star Highly recommended''Lovely story with beaut.

2 thoughts on “Florrie the Dummy Fairy

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    The basis of this story is great the fairy dummy takes the dummy and makes it in to a star albeit offering a present in return I think this book is aimed at older children than I was expecting as the boy in the story looks school age This created a slight problem in the preamble I've been having with my 2 year old daughter as I've been telling her that she's getting too old for a dummy and am planning that by the time s

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    Loved it Worked like a charm