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    I'm not fond of Lady Mary I think she's uptight and makes choices for the wrong reasons but that doesn't deter me from watching and thoroughly enjoying Downton Abbey Just like my unsure feelings of this heroine Daisy didn't deter me from enjoying this novelIt's the eve of WWI and Daisy the daughter of wealthy par

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    I absolutely loved this book By far my favourite Dilly Court novel so far because Daisy has such a different story to all the others Daisy has remained fairly privileged but chooses to help in the FANY for the war effort Highly recommended

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    Published March 1813Pages 448Publisher RandomHouse UK North AmericaPosting the 2nd book review in this March series for Women's History Month For this story we enter the era leading up to then WWI itself Author Dilly Court

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    Originally published at Reading RealityThe Best of Daughters reminded me strongly of four different works Upstairs Downstairs The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig Charles Todd’s Bess Crawford series and the very long shadow cast by Downton Abb

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    I have found a new favorite author – Dilly Court Dilly Court is an English novelist who writes wonderful romantic historic fiction I read The Best of Daughters while we were camping over Labor Day weekend and I loved itIf you are a fan of Downton Abbey like me you will appreciate the setting of The Best of Daughters Daisy Lennox is the da

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    Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis novel is an exploration of the meaning of character and how upbringing companions and circumstance influence people’s attitudes Historical fiction’s strength is in how the themes reflect the book’s time period The early 1900s in England continued the shift from a separation of noble and common born based on land ownership to recognition of skills and wealth

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    This was my first introduction to Dilly Court I must say I was very pleased with this jump into a period novel I was fascinated with the way that Dilly was able to use accurate verbiage throughout her descriptions and fou

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    As the eldest daughter and with a mama intent on improving her family's social position Daisy knew what was expected of her no matter how it chafed to behave as a lady ought and to marry soon and above all marry well But in 1912 Daisy's world stands on the brink of profound change and she cannot resist the siren call of the women's

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    A gripping tale of love loss and war with

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    tAnother brilliant story from dilly courtI chose this rating because all of her books are always brilliant the stories are always a mixture of s

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CHARACTERS æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Dilly Court

Despite her privileged upbringing Daisy Lennox has always longed to make something of her lifeShe is drawn to the suffragette movement but when h. I m not fond of Lady Mary I think she s uptight and makes choices for the wrong reasons but that doesn t deter me from watching and thoroughly enjoying Downton Abbey Just like my unsure feelings of this heroine Daisy didn t deter me from enjoying this novelIt s the eve of WWI and Daisy the daughter of wealthy parents fallen on hard times is trying to decide just who she is The world is changing She must change with itThere s only one servant throughout the story really so the novel is missing that strong DA feel as far as mingling with the hired help and there were no side dramas with them we could get really lost in No Bates in jail no Anna being raped no housekeeper with breast cancerThe one girl Ruby does get into some trouble though the kind you d expect back then I won t get into itRuby and Daisy also develop a friendship that starts in their suffragette days And here is one of my big disappointments the blurb promised me a suffragette or at least made me feel I would get some suffragette story It s only in the beginning of the story and is such a small amount it doesn t feel worth mentioning I feel a bit ripped off in that aspectI liked Daisy sometimes and others she just plain confused me Perhaps that s supposed to be as she seems confused by herself and her feelings as well What is this strong attraction she feels to a cad Does she believe in dividing the social classes She says no but her actions and snootiness often say yesShe s afraid of the sight of blood yet joins the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry She passes out in the butcher shop yet assists a girl having a stillbirth with no trouble Umyou see my point She confuses meDisappointment number two I did not know about the FANYs and was excited that this novel brought them up It was an all female unit that participated in intelligence work and nursing during WWI During the war they drove ambulances and ran hospitals and clearing stations I guess they were somewhat like our Red CrossI had hoped the book would get into this further that we d have actual scenes of this part of Daisy s life but instead the novel glosses over these bits uickly tells in about four pages that she did this and that readied a hospital tended the wounded wrote letters remained unscathed after everyone around her contracted dysentery drove an ambulance etc There was so much that could have been a story on its own but instead the author chose to focus the actual scenes on Daisy s imagined romance with a cad her maid s stupidity and Daisy s engagement to her childhood friend The FANY stuff was just told to us as uickly as possibleFull review here

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The Best of Daughters

Iend – a union both families have dreamed ofBut on the eve of their wedding war is declared and Daisy knows her life will never be the same aga. A gripping tale of love loss and war with a worthy heroine1912 London Daisy Lennox has had a privileged life but feels something is missing She longs to join the Suffragettes Alas her first attempt ends in disasterWhen the family fortunes disappear they are facing ruin and have to move out of London Here Daisy finds herself running the home as her Mother is incapable of doing anything useful When war is declared Daisy must grow up and find what living in the real world entails She must face the horrors of war and learn what love really means

CHARACTERS æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Dilly Court

Er father faces ruin they are forced to move to the country and Daisy’s first duty is to her familyHere she becomes engaged to her childhood fr. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis novel is an exploration of the meaning of character and how upbringing companions and circumstance influence people s attitudes Historical fiction s strength is in how the themes reflect the book s time period The early 1900s in England continued the shift from a separation of noble and common born based on land ownership to recognition of skills and wealth with no ties to the landholders Those entering the military during World War I helped with this change because enemy fire doesn t care about social standing The suffragette movement also rose to prominence I think this novel successfully portrayed the mix of people who were changing learning to change and resisting the expansion of their social tiesDaisy the main character represents both those changed and resisting She is from the wealthy financial class and grew up alongside the local lord s son Her support of suffragettes makes her cross class lines on the other side befriending Ruby from the poor part of LondonHer attitudes are not as egalitarian as you might suppose however illustrating the complexity of early 20th Century class politics well This is never clearer than with Bowman Daisy dismisses him as a local handyman and therefore incompetent even when her noble friend sings the man s praises Things get complicated when she faces her physical reaction to this man and the problems it causesI don t want to give away the plot threads around each character but I ll provide a teaser The book brings World War I to life from both the volunteer nurses and soldiers perspectives It explores bravery and cowardice moral character and love and lust Only kissing occurs on screen with thought and implication revealing the rest Still the dangers of passion are very real while different conseuences apply based on gender and position We gain enjoyable and illuminating insights from how the characters handle various circumstancesThe book has its dark moments and the main characters don t always do the right thing but I came to know them enough to understand even their bad choices Daisy s need to be useful puts her in the middle of first the suffragettes and then the war itself The description of wartime makes the costs clear and not just on the front lines without dwelling on the gory aspects The story explores the power of grief both for those left at home and from the aftereffects of traumatic injury mental andor physical Nor is war the only suffering with conseuences raised The conditions of the lower classes the treatment of suffragettes and the aftermath of thievery hold a place within the many plot threadsI know nothing of the suffragette movement in England but the author talks about her research into this and WWI suggesting resources to learn Her portrayal feels true to the early 1900s and Daisy s understanding of the suffragettes is compelling even if she doesn t agree with all steps taken in the movement s name The portrayal of nursing and a woman s role in wartime is my favorite part of the novel in a lot of ways There were a few modern phrases but not enough to throw me out of the historical periodDaisy grows into her own person through the events in the novel and this growth offers a main plot to tie all the others into a coherent whole She learns the difference between infatuation and love how emotions can mature and how to value people for who they are rather than her expectations of them Her journey gives us a brilliant view of the many forces pulling at the lives and fabric of society in the early 20th Century Her search for purpose thrusts Daisy into the forefront of events that helped shape this time She does not stand separate These events impact Daisy and those she cares about making them affect us tooThe novel is an epic story about how people are their own worst impediments as well as the horrors of World War I It s petty at times and selfish then powerful and generous to an extreme This is a people story of a complicated era where social change destabilized the existing order and war tore everything apart Sometimes I despaired of Daisy s choices only to recognize the necessity of these steps in her life journey laterThe characters have many layers not all of them good making them complex and interesting Not every plot thread has the strength of the nursing and war ones but neither are they straightforward even when they might appear simple at first Also the romance thread while not the main one has elements of a second chances story a favorite trope of mine There s a lot to absorb in The Best of Daughters and I enjoyed my time among the characters A solid work of historical fiction focused on the role women played in society and World War IPS I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley some time ago then lost it for a bit because of device failure I am giving my honest opinion now because a novel rarely grows stale