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The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China [Kindle ePUB / Pdf] AUTHOR Henry Pu Yi

Read & Download The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China

Oming head of a Japanese puppet state being confined to a Russian prison in Siberia and enduring taxing labor The Last Manchu is a uniue enthralling record of Chinas most turbulent dramatic yea. Love the story

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The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China

In 1908 at the age of two Henry Pu Yi ascended to become the last emperor of the centuries old Manchu dynasty After revolutionaries forced Pu Yi to abdicate in 1911 the young emperor lived for. When I clicked buy on this one I didn t read the description as carefully as I should have I was wanting a biography This is an AUTObiography Big difference Fortunately although not what I was wanting this was a very satisfying read The last emperor of China has a lot of potent powerful history surrounding his reign his removal his imprisonment and his eventual freedom I never saw the popular 1988 movie but heard it was very good After reading this I definitely want to watch it at some pointSince this book is an autobiography most of the historical turmoil surrounding the life of Henry Pu Li is not really dwelled upon within the pages The emperor as you might imagine lives in his own isolated world surrounded by ivory carvings expensive jewelry and hundreds if not thousands of servants to cater to his every need and whim Why should such an individual care about what happens beyond the palace walls as long as he s allowed to live as tradition dictates Especially when he s basically still a childSo we read about his whole life yet most of the early episodes deal with things most others could never dream We read about how meals are prepared how the young emperor is fascinated with watching ants climb trees how he picks his empress bride and concubines from photographs and how the entire nation is subjugated towards him when they re in his presence It s incredibly difficult if you re one of the young emperor s tutors when he would rather watch ants than study God help you if you re his tutor and you say something like you must focus on your studies your highness instead of watching insects This leads me to point out that we also see a cruel side to the young ruler We constantly read about how he has his eunuch servants flogged if they show the slightest bit of discourtesy towards him If the floggers aren t flogging hard enough they themselves run the risk of being flogged as wellBecause of the political turmoil within China the eventual invasion of Japan leading to his imprisonment in the USSR and the Communist takeover of China we do read an awful lot of internal strife and conflict yet strangely the emperor s captivity never really seems that severe We read nothing at all about things such as gulag like tortures that communist prisons are known for throughout history His imprisonment both in Russia and China seems rather mild Of course being that this is an autobiography you have to wonder if many of his reflections in this autobiography were heavily censored That or the fact that maybe he really was brainwashed during his captivity He seems to concede awfully easily how his reign and history is a farcical sham and he seems to praise the new communist leaders of his country rather liberallyOn a negative note there s an awful lot of Sino names within this autobiography and it was awfully difficult for my Western brain to assimilate and keep track of the different people It seemed there were at least a dozen different individuals named either Chan or Chen Then as other reviewers have pointed out there s uite a bit of punctuation errors and misspellings here as well My guess is that this is probably due to the transition of this book to electronic format Still though it only makes a complicated endeavor that much worseAlthough I still wish I would have read something geared towards the actual history of the particular time and places I still felt that this book was very well written and a uite different change of pace I mean how many autobiographies have you read where the person telling the story doesn t know what a hair dryer is Or how to get on a public bus Or how to even open a door

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Thirteen years in Pekings Forbidden City but with none of the power his birth afforded him The remainder of Pu Yis life was lived out in a topsy turvy fashion fleeing from a Chinese warlord bec. Pleasure to read with exotic history discovered in it The Manchu dynasty was extremely rich with wonderful descriptions of how it functioned I think the Communists in truth did not brainwash PuYi

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    Pu Yi is the famous "Last Emperor of China", subject of a popular film in the 80's by Bernardo Bertolucci and who was a curiosity who died in the 60's during the Cultural Revolution.

    His story as told by his own words, is well written as he was excellently educated by a Scottish diplomat. The book is prefaced by a brief history of the end of the Qing Dynasty but rather blandly presented with any of the controversial or contested s

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    When I clicked “buy” on this one, I didn’t read the description as carefully as I should have. I was wanting a biography. This i

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    First, before the words of warning that follow, I want to say that this is a remarkable autobiography that gives the reader a wide appreciation

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    It was a rather heavy handed memoir, a bit of a confessional rant with a few glimpses of life in the Forbidden City. I had hoped to gain insight into the daily life and the political workings of the Manchu dynasty. Instead characters were poorly fleshed out and it was difficult to maintain the thread of the unravelling of the regime.

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    Pleasure to read with exotic history discovered in it. The Manchu dynasty was extremely rich with wonderful descriptions of how it functioned. I think the Communists in truth did not brainwash PuYi.

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    Loved this book as a wonderful look at the history behind modern China visit Beijing, watch the Last Emperor movie, read the book a g

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    Love the story

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    Well worth reading if you have been to China and visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Edited and abridged autobiography of the last Emperor

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    This book purports to be an autobiography. Within a couple of chapters it becomes obvious it isn’t. The disparity becomes wider as the propaganda element increases to almost laughable levels at the end. A pity, there is an interes

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    A fascinating autobiography, regardless of the likelihood that it was ghostwritten by the Chinese communist party.

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    Clearly much political correctness in this book. No surprises considering the Chinese constantly looking over Pu Yi's shoulders, and the constant brainwashing they subjected him to. Still well worth reading though. The translation seems to be very good

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