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Theatrical ( Download ) By Maggie Harcourt – Epub, eBook and Kindle free

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N struggling to keep her cool and her secret Gorgeously fresh funny and commercial YA romance from the author of Unconventional and The Last Summer of. I love contemporary YA about careers As in Nina LaCour s Everything Leads to You about a film set designer and Maggie Harcourt s Unconventional about a film and comic book conventions assistant I adored delving backstage and being part of all the little details and secrets of the theatre industry It makes me wonder about the career I could ve had I already work in the book industry which is just as magical but I love hearing about other careers in the arts Continue reading this review over on Pretty Books gifted Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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Hope dreams of working backstage in a theatre and she’s determined to make it without the help of her famous costume designer mum So when she lands a. 35 out of 5 Stars Because sometimes it s the things that nobody notices which deserve noticing The first time I saw this book in a bookstore was a month ago so obviously I developed an interest in it because a the cover is the cutest b it s a YA contemporary one can never go wrong with a YA con c I was already familiar with the author s other book tho I have yet to read it and d Apparently Maggie Harcourt is the UK version of Rainbow Rowell And because of all this reasons I wanted to give this book a tryMy first attempt with Theatrical was a fail I couldn t get into the story but I also didn t want to dnf it and I m glad I didn t However my second attempt as you can see was a successThe plot overall was cute had lots of swoon worthy moments clich obvi can be a bit unrealistic sometimes but that s the magic of young adult books You know things like that won t always happen in real life but you can t not read them

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N internship on a major production she tells no one But with a stroppy Hollywood star and his hot young understudy upstaging Hope’s focus she’s soo. AS SEEN ON A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS I received a review copy from Usbourne in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own If you don t already know Maggie Harcourt s second novel Unconventional was one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE reads of 2017 It was adorkable awkward filled with RIDICULOUSLY cute moments authors and being locked in convention centres Absolutely stunning and a MUST read As soon as I was done I stalked Maggie Harcourt s Goodreads profile only to find her next book Theatrical listed RIGHT THERE Needless to say it made my 2018 HAVE TO READ list And here we are I finished Theatrical a few days ago and I m only just finding the time to sit down and write my review for itIN A NUTSHELL Theatrical had all the elements I LOVED about Unconventional family finding yourself romance awkwardness girls with Purpose and it was SUCH a glorious read In fact it was THE highlight of an otherwise very crappy week At the same time while it was a GOOD even GREAT book it lacked that final element that made Unconventional PERFECT and I can t even explain what it is Maybe I just liked Lexi and Adrian better than Hope and Luke Maybe I like the Comic Con esue setting better than the Theatre Who even knowsTHINGS I LOVED ABOUT THIS BOOK 1 ALL THE THEATRE I adored looking at the theatre through Hope s eyes I m not an ardent fan like she is but I ve always admired the shows and the cast and I loved the love letter to theatre that was Maggie Harcourt s Theatrical 2 HOPE AND LUKE Maggie Harcourt knows how to write adorkable which in my opinion is almost every teenager ever There are very few teens that actually are like the humans with game that you see on TV the movies and I loved the delicious awkwardness between Hope and Luke that slowly blossomed into trust picnics a mutual love for theatre the feeling of being seen and tiny cardboard cut outs 3 TOMMY KNIGHT He wasn t a character I thought I d like within the first few chapters of the book but this movie star grew on me especially as he covered for Hope and Luke and actually grew into a real person with real hopes and fears 4 THE SMALL SURPRISE APPEARANCE IN THE FINALE THERE WAS A SMALL CROSSOVER BETWEEN MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF 2017 Unconventional and this one at the VERY END AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH I was pretty much flailing and AAAAH 5 ALL THE AWKWARDNESS Really this is a legitimate thing I loved that all teenagers but especially Luke and Hope in this book were so awkward and perfect and it was really uite funny to read WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK Definitely ALONG WITH UNCONVENTIONAL which is just the most perfect thing ever A hilarious ultra adorable love letter to theatre filled with the cutest romance that is just a perfect feel good read

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    I love books that explore passions and the excitement and nerves and the changes characters go through as they ma

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    35 out of 5 Stars “Because sometimes it's the things that nobody notices which deserve noticing”The first time I saw this book in a bookstore was a month ago so obviously I developed an interest in it because a the cover is the

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    5 Words Family passion secrets pressure theatreHonestly it's magical and lovely and wonderful and I want to read it again already

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    AS SEEN ON A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS I received a review copy from Usbourne in exchange for an honest review All th

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    I absolutely loved Maggie's book Unconventional so when I saw she had a new book out I had to grab it I say this a lot but I don't know why I waited so long to read it This book is a love letter to all those who work in theater both on and backstage I was never really a theater person but have recently for reasons Hamilton become and interes

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    Thanks to Usborne for sending me the physical copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI have this weird rule regarding contemporaries; never read a contemporary book longer than 250 pages Why? Because most of the times they are dragged and end up getting boring and dull But that’s not the case when it comes to Theatrical It’s easily one of the best Contemporaries I have read this year and has ki

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    I love contemporary YA about careers As in Nina LaCour's Everything Leads to You about a film set designer and Maggie Harcou

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    45 starsReview is coming But if you haven’t please pre ordered this book ♥️

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    There were so many things I enjoyed about Theatrical and a few I didn't Honestly she annoyed me with her lower than low self esteem and for the first three uarters of the book I felt like nothing happened But afte

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    355 Review to come