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J.L. Edwards {Ebook} Torren Apart – Book, DOC or Kindle eBook free

SUMMARY Torren Apart

Torren Apart

Torren Apart is the second book in the series about Torren Stewart a beautiful wife and mother of two boys At the end of book one Torren's family suffers a ho.

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Fit in to everything Will Torren continue to see Kristine Does Torren's husband forgive her Can she continue to juggle double livesYou will have to read and s.

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Rrible tragedy Book two picks up where that left off and you find out what happens between Torren and Kristine Where does Torren's husband Peter and two boys.

2 thoughts on “Torren Apart

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    I can’t say enough about how I love this series Do yourself a favor and read both books They are totally amazing One of the best ff romances I have ever read Pity that there is no follow up to this storyI am so invested in these characters and their lives How will it all ends Will love be enough for Torren Kristine to keep them

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    I was a little disappointed by how this ended until I saw the very last sentence The end for now The story was a great read but I really wanted Torren and Peter to work things out I'm not so sure I believe Torren is in love with Kristen like she thinks she is We shall see

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