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[Bonnie Randall] epub Divinity and The Python download – Epub, DOC and Kindle eBook free

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Divinity Where desire and deception both hide in the darkThe Cards Forecast WorkShaynie Gavin is so much than the sexy siren who mixes cocktails at The Python A carpenter with a business plan Shaynie is trying to amass enough funds to launch her own dream Divinity a place where up cycled furniture from the past is sold alongside Tarot readings forecasting the future and all in a setting that could not be perfect a former funeral parlor Shaynie's belief that Divinity is attuned with the passions the loves and even the lies of it. Divinity and the Python is a paranormal suspense romance novel set in Edmonton Alberta a city well known for its cold winters and famo

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Divinity and The Python

S departed souls allow her to feel satisfied when the cards she draws there reveal Wands the Tarot's symbol for work And yetShaynie would be so grateful if the Tarot would also just once illuminate a Hellnight from her past A lost evening whose scars still slither over her skin Hellnight haunts Shaynie Yet when she calls the uestion of that chilling evening into her deckThe Cards Forecast Loveand love appears in the form of pro hockey star Cameron Weste Weste is haunted by scars and superstitions of his own and he wants Shaynie. Just finished Bonnie s Randall s Divinity the Python I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons First it s a beautiful l

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's Tarot to answer far deeper uestions than she first guesses this sexy lothario to be capable of Who knew Weste was this intense The Tarot apparently And yetThe Cards Forecast The DevilWhen Cameron Weste lands in her life a stalker surfaces too dropping clues to a connection between Shaynie Cameron and her lost brutal Hellnight Suddenly every card warns of deception and nowhere feels safe Shaynie and Cameron have to fight for their love and their lives as The Devil their stalker is determined to turn the Death Card for them bo. Understand Tarot is not my thing in fact it s against my religion It s therefore astounding that I simply could not put Divinity

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    I believe the publisher calls this book a paranormal romantic thriller note not paranormal romance which is a related but different corner of the genre I'd have to agree It's sexy it's spooky and the tension keeps ratcheting up all the way to the endOur heroine is Shaynie Gavin a carpenter—an artist really—who's making money tending bar at the Python while fixing up Divinity an old morgue to be a Tarot parlor and New Age loung

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    Finished this book in only a couple sittings It was hard to put down sadly I found I did not want to let go of this books main characters Shaynie and Cameron at the end of the book This was a fabulous well paced storyline and uniue plot I LOVED the Canadian perspective and the symbolism of the goodevil lightdark divinitypythonwell researched in the metaphysical aspects and I give this book a FIVE STAR LOVED it

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    Divinity and the Python is a paranormal suspense romance novel set in Edmonton Alberta a city well known for its cold winters and famous Edmonton Oilers hockey team Of course they are not mentioned by name but you know who they are

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    Bonnie Randall's writing is electric It moves it grooves it rocks and it rolls Divinity and the Python is like a strobe light on a disco round colors and sounds in constant motion shadows taking shape for a moment before dissolving into the floor Divinity and the Python is not my usual reading fare so it's the appropriate time to in

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    First the legalese I'm on the Panverse street team free EARC's for an honest review? Yes please so if it seems I'm putting up a review awfully fast well I read it last month And soHockey and Tarot two things I know almost nothing about but which figure prominently in this book Luckily the author keeps things pertinent to the plot so I never felt out of my depth and was able to enjoy the story Although New Age Paranormal Romance isn't my g

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    I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book It was so fun to read a book in a familiar Canadian setting I read it in one sitting as I couldn

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    Understand Tarot is not my thing; in fact it’s against my religion It’s therefore astounding that I simply could not put Divinity the Python downI will admit that the Tarot is a wonderful device for foreshadowing misdirection theme atmosphere and characterization And protagonist Shaynie Gavin is a student of the Tarot who lives a double life Half of her time is spent making enough money to keep body and soul together as a barm

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    This book was completely beyond anything I have ever read before It was a really intriguing mysteryromance all wrapped up in a very different take on what I can only think to describe as paranormalOn that note however I must

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    Man I loved this book I became fully invested in the characters and the plot immediately and was thankful for the attention to detail that Randall provided If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing Edmonton in the

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