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Chimerica (Kindle ePUB / Pdf) ☆ Anita Felicelli – PDF, DOC & Kindle ePUB free

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Which art is codified and commodified a contemporary philosophical novel about art originality and American cultureFelicelli's remarkable CHIMERICA is a coolly surrealist legal thriller in turns sly absurd emotionally vivid and satirically incisive that shifts the reader into a world just adjacent to our own Jonathan LethemFelicelli blends the matter of fact with the mysterious in this utterly uniue and compellingly readable debut CHIMERICA is than the story of a woman coming into he. Excellent book

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Fiction California Interest Down and out Tamil American trial lawyer Maya Ramesh fights to save a painted lemur come to life and in settings that range from Oakland California to a Malagasy rain forest becomes a champion for them both In magical realist tradition Anita Felicelli's satiric novel CHIMERICA looks at the inherent absurdities that drive systems of culture power and law Fans of Maruez Kelly Link and Helen Oyeyemi will find CHIMERICA a spirited investigation of the ways in. Chimerica is a sweeping Murakamiesue Romance unraveling the mysteries ofintellectual property law Merging the mundane and the magical Felicelli s leaping lemur illustra

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R own power; it's a keen dive into the worlds of law visual art and marriage You really couldn't ask for a novel with better ingredients Did I mention there's a talking lemur THERE'S A TALKING LEMUR Kelly LuceCHIMERICA is the novel about trial lawyers talking lemurs and public art you never knew you needed Anita Felicelli's charming prose and intriguing characters pull you in and keep you engaged I'm thankful for this wonderfully odd yet beautifully accessible novel Rajesh Parameswar. I thoroughly enjoyed Chimerica It s a novel that s hard to classify a blend of a number of genres tense courtroom drama noir magical realism literary fiction and it kep

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    Chimerica is a sweeping Murakamiesue Romance unraveling the mysteries ofintellectual property law? Merging the mundane and the magical Felicelli's leaping lemur illustrates the illimitable essentially illicit nature of Art Try to possess ideas images etc and they will easily elude your grasp to circulate in the unincorporated realm of inter subjectivity What is the work of Art and how does one codify it commodify it or restrict its use? An

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    Maya Ramesh is a lawyer who has sacrificed so much for success that keeps eluding her But what's working against her personal flaws or structural ineualities? The two are so deeply interrelated and Chimerica offers no easy answers but does what novels do best get us deeply involved into Maya's life Her inner conflict comes to a head when a lemur shows up at her doorstep and asks for her help Nevermind that the

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    The power of this incredible poignant contemporary and fantastical story soars above the freuently hackneyed writing Anita Felicelli is a brilliant writer Just not a technically good one The core of her story—who is allowed personhood in the American legal system and the white supremacist patriarchal hoops one must navigate to prove pers

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    I loved this book and didn't want it to end It's a page turner that's also a novel of ideas a legal thriller and a fabulist cryptozoological tale I rooted for the smart spiky protagonist and her pragmatic yet mythological

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    Excellent book

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    A brilliant thought provoking page turnerIn Chimerica Maya the novel’s narrator and protagonist is an ambitious lawyer who’s alone

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    A gorgeous magical and fun novel What is the self what is identity how does an immigrant forge an identity that can be true to oneself and to loved ones how to make a marriage work? But even important of all what does a lemur have to do with

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Chimerica It's a novel that's hard to classify a blend of a number of genres tense courtroom drama no

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    I discovered this title in an article about women writing noir But Chimerica is not just noir It’s fantasy it’s a legal thriller it’s about love acceptance and belonging It’s really weird and really good Highly recommend