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Robin Jones Gunn (Kindle ePUB) A Whisper and a Wish Christy Miller – Kindle ePUB & PDF

Summary A Whisper and a Wish Christy Miller

Teens across the nation have made this series from Robin Jones Gunn a bestseller Readers can find out for themselves why the series is so popular as they too become frie. 35 stars I enjoyed some parts than others P

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A Whisper and a Wish Christy Miller

Nds with Christy Miller She becomes the perfect role model for today's teens by making a commitment to Christ in the first book and then growing in her walk with the Lor. This book was good Christy is still immature and hasn t found herself yet but I really like some of the lessons that this book teaches

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D in the next eleven books Throughout the series Christy learns about friendships dating becoming responsible waiting on God being faithful and God's rewards for obedien. Continuing the Christy Miller series book 1 takes on something harder than book 2 How it isn t as cool to be a hardcore Christian Christy became divided between having God in her life and having friendships Her flaw of insecurity shined very bright feeling she needed these popular friends to make her life something In the end these friends brought her down and she had to learn to say No to baggage and bad companions and Yes to God and faith often OFFICIAL RATING A this book checked all the marksAUTHOR S STYLE 1010 The style didn t sway from the beginning book besides an occasional passage coming from her new diary but it was still easy to read and easy to relate toAUTHOR S CHARACTERS 1010 Her characterization was done well I feel like she handled the eating disorder plot with due justice Brittany didn t magically recover her friends were too afraid to say something about it All very real responses to young people noticing something like that Christy continued to develop with the aid of Todd and this time Tracy AUTHOR S PLOT 1010 I feel like this plot was a great example of how bad friends can slowly lead you down the wrong path Christy had the right heart for certain matters but she didn t want to be the loser saying no so she kept saying yes when her conscience knew better The analogy used in the church group stood true a bad friend will bring you down faster than having strong believer friends It really is important to choose who you associate withSUBPLOTS TO DISCUSS EATING DISORDERS 1010 As stated I feel Brittany s eating disorder plot was handled very well but also very realistically Sadly the only thing that ends up mattering to the individual is their weight loss goals and if that means bringing someone else down to keep it happening it will I think she also took care in showing the many different reactions to the sort of thing Christy was concerned Janelle brushed it off for too long Marti felt telling her just to eat would fix it GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER 1010 I felt like Christy s main inner issue here was how the grass is always greener on the other side While it may appear Paula was rude I think by the end Christy realized she was part of the reason her and Paula grew apart Christy was so obsessed with California and her new friends there that suddenly Paula didn t compare She felt Cali was better and she got in with the popular crowd so she felt like she had finally gotten to the other side Afterwards she missed the days of her old life A reminder that just because something looks better doesn t mean it IS betterThe originality of the story 610 I don t think the plots here are something others have not done but it is certainly done well This doesn t take away from the storyRobin Jones Gunn put so much heart into Christy She s a relatable character and one someone growing in faith can easily understand Christy isn t above us or beyond making our mistakes She is just like us stumbling while she works out the kinks in her faith Many make it seem that accepting God should mean all your flaws and problems are erased but that isn t so It is just the beginning You have to let God work through you

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    Christy Miller is moving to California Lucky girl especially since her crush?boyfriend? friend Todd lives thereChristy's Uncle Bob buys her a nice leather diary and encourages her to write everything down in it I know he's a nice guy so I am not going to be creeped out by thisChristy's still writing letters to Alissa and trying to convert

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    35 stars I enjoyed some parts than others P

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    It was a TINY bit better than the first book of the series but she's seriously so shallow and the book is so cliché it's just not a series I want to finish Goodbye Christy Miller And goodbye all her problems

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    Another cute Christy book So far this series has given me a little peek into issues other teen girls commonly deal with that I wasn't really exposed to

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    This book was good Christy is still immature and hasn't found herself yet but I really like some of the lessons that this book teaches

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    Discussion points eating disordersdrug abuse making wise decisions 14

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    Continuing the Christy Miller series book 1 takes on something harder than book 2 How it isn't as cool to be a hardcore Christian Ch

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    This book was really good I am LOVING Christy Miller VictoriaGoodbrand your so right their so amazing 😍😍

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    A Whisper and a Wish the second book in the Christy Miller series was a good read although I have to say I always enjoyed the first book I don't know if I'm biased because of the lack of Todd or whatP Anywho In this book Christy is moving to

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    Typical Christy No No Why can't we live here Why didn't anyone tell me the dairy was so far away? Maybe Dad's job will fall through and we'll have to go back to Wisconsin What am I thinking? I want to live here not WisconsinChristy's family is moving to California the place she absolutely loved getting to know