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9 the start of World War Two One by one they will be voted out by the viewing public It's a hard life and since each contestant is desperat.

Summary The TV Time Travellers

The TV Time Travellers

Zac and Izzy win a place on a new reality TV show but they have no idea where they're going or what to expect They must live as if it's 193.

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E to be the final winner there are problems When the live final arrives the contestants and the audience will all be stunned by what occurs. Quran Made Easy to be Dare Me the final winner Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville there are problems When Little Reds Riding Hood the live final arrives The Return of a Gangsters Girl the contestants and Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, the audience will all be stunned by what occurs.

3 thoughts on “The TV Time Travellers

  1. says:

    A well written book in the perspective of two children who are from an ACEs background Was interesting to read to my class but we all agreed the ending was a bit of a let down

  2. says:

    The idea behind this book is interesting and contemporary but the book lacked pace The story seemed to drag a bit in the middle

  3. says:

    this book is ausome from the cover to the end this will include a tv show but no real time trvelling sorry but when i first read this book i thought it was boring but its not it shows the importance of friendship

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