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read online [ Ad Women How They Impact What We Need Want and Buy epub ] BY Juliann Sivulka – Book or DOC

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Pping housework and leisure activitiesSivulka follows three key periods in the history of American advertising which represent eras of major social change for women 1880 1920 the 1920s and the 1970s She discusses the effect on advertising of such controversial issues as the women’s movement minorities and consumer activism and devotes an entire chapter to the contributions to advertising of African American Hispanic and Asian American women in the twentieth century Copiously illustrated with portraits of early ad women and examples of their work this thoroughly researched and engagingly written survey of women in advertising will fascinate marketing students women’s studies scholars and everyday consumers.

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Ad Women How They Impact What We Need Want and Buy

Most of the workers in advertising the media retail and fashion are women Holding key marketing and advertising positions women shape the basic promotional appeal of almost every consumer product in America How did the advertising business go from a handful of women in a man’s world to women working in virtually every mass consumer goods industry in America in the space of the twentieth century Ad Women tells the story of how women have risen to the top of the advertising profession Anyone who has followed the rise of Mad Men's Peggy Olson from secretary to copywriter will be interested in the story of her real life counterpartsJuliann Sivulka a former marketing communications manager and now an advertising.

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Educator describes how at the beginning of the twentieth century the recognition of women as primary consumers resulted in the hiring of women to promote products aimed at the women’s market At that time manufacturers began to emphasize color fashion and style while advertising embraced a new language of persuasion aimed at women consumers Soon agencies were recruiting an ensemble of businesswomen copywriters product designers merchandisers fashion and beauty experts home economists editors and publicists Through close collaboration with manufacturers mass media and retailers they participated in developing strategies to convince women to buy goods and wove their selling messages into women’s reading sho.

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