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[Kristi Charish] epub Lipstick Voodoo Kincaid Strange #2 Read online – TXT and Kindle eBook

  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Lipstick Voodoo Kincaid Strange #2
  • Kristi Charish
  • English
  • 28 February 2019
  • 9780345815903

10 thoughts on “Lipstick Voodoo Kincaid Strange #2

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    375 stars Final review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureKincaid Strange is a 27 year old woman who’s one of the only “zombie practitioners” in the Seattle area She can temporarily or permanently for that matter raise people from the dead which is clearly handy when you want to temporarily raise a rich old

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    Kincaid Strange is back in this dark and adventurous follow up to “The Voodoo Killings” Since this is the second in th

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum was nice getting back into the world of Kincaid Strange with Lipstick Voodoo and reading it has made me realize how much I’d missed this kind of urban fantasy Thing is I’m just not reading as much of the genre as I used to I’ve gotten pickier these days and my UF reads are mostly l

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    I read Lipstick Voodoo over a weekend I found it fun fanciful and uite original Charish does a great job pulling the reader into Kincaid Strange

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    I listened to the first novel The Voodoo Killings but scheduling had me reading this time around Because this is urban fantasy and a lot of wha

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    Source PublisherGenre Urban FantasyRating 40ThoughtsLipstick Voodoo by author Kristi Charish is the second installment in the authors

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    This is another one of my favorite series It's so uniue and really the first series I've read like this It's one reason why I like it so much

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    Reviewed for Wit and Sin Kincaid Strange the best voodoo practitioner in the Pacific Northwest has not been having a good time lately After solving a series of murders that left her physically and emotionally worn out all she wants is to get back to doing normal séances and zombie raisings But before you can s

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    Rating 35 of 5 starsShort Summary Kincaid Strange voodoo practitioner finds herself searching for a solution when her room

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    Lipstick Voodoo is the second book in the Kincaid Strange series The first book The Voodoo Killings was released in 2016 so I had to do a uick relisten to help me get back into the world I enjoyed it the second time around just as much as I did the first time Lipstick Voodoo takes place about two weeks after the events i

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Lipstick Voodoo Kincaid Strange #2

Case she takes the chance to mend fences with the police department The problem they want to interview Nate's ghost which she can't produce Then people from Nate's past start showing up dead and what's killing them doesn't seem to be human And the way it's killing them is especially brutal Nate's hiding something but he's Kincaid's friend and she wants to help him But she also wants to stay ali. This is another one of my favorite series It s so uniue and really the first series I ve read like this It s one reason why I like it so much not to mention that the characters are just priceless and undead of course I ve been looking everywhere trying to find something similar because this series doesn t release fast enough for me but I have yet to find anything If anyone knows of one I would be really grateful if you would send me a rec If you haven t read it yet and like zombies ghosts sorcerers and uirky practitioners of the undead you should pick this one up It s wildly entertaining and you won t be able to put it down

Review Õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Kristi Charish

Kincaid Strange not your average voodoo practitioner is back in the freshly imagined and hugely entertaining second installment of Kristi Charish's urban fantasy series Kincaid Strange cannot catch a break After dealing with a spate of paranormal murders there's barely time to recuperate let alone sleep in before there's a new problem in Kincaid's world of paranormal activity When her roommate. Kincaid Strange is back in this dark and adventurous follow up to The Voodoo Killings Since this is the second in the series there are spoilers for the first book in this review SynopsisVoodoo practitioner Kincaid Strange is invited by her ex boyfriend a cop to consult on a cold case that just might have been a paranormal murder The case is connected to her roommate Nathan Cade the ghost of a 90s grunge rock star Meanwhile Kincaid must also navigate a new relationship with her new mentor the ghost of a psychopath sorcerer who used nefarious means to coerce her into becoming his apprentice Everyone has their secrets but who can Kincaid trustWorld BuildingThis book is captivating from its very first page I absolutely adore the detailed world that Charish has created It s similar to real life Seattle but very dark and swarming with ghosts zombies ghouls and other mysterious creatures from the Otherside The amount of detail that Charish has put into engineering this world is praiseworthy As a health sciences librarian I almost died from excitement when she mentioned PubDead the paranormal version of PubMed Let s be friends KristiA major part of the world building is the scientific way that Otherside works in this series Discussions of binding ghosts and setting mirrors all have a very matter of fact tone with detailed nuances Some pages read like a paranormal textbook but with a little sass since it s all coming from Kincaid s point of viewPlotThere are several plot lines in this story that are seamlessly interwoven I love how Charish blended effortlessly from one to the other and they re so interconnected it s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends Excellent storytellingCharactersSide characters in this book are also well developed Gideon the mysterious ghost of a sorcerer is uite intriguing This book gives us just enough information about his past to give us a better sense of who he is but he s still an enigma Since Nate is a ghost he isn t expected to grow as a person which is something Kincaid comments on in the book However I noticed that he had a little development of his own which I won t reveal here because it s a spoilerI did find the character development for her love interest ex boyfriend Aaron to be lacking It seems like Kincaid makes a revelation about their relationship or lack thereof during the latter half of the book but it isn t uite addressed fully enough for my liking before the final pages I suppose I ll have to wait for the next book for this I recommend this book to anyone who s interested in a dark fantasy with a badass female lead It has a very detailed world but it s not presented in a monotonous way It s very similar in feel to Kim Harrison s Hollows book series Thank you to Vintage Canada and Netgalley for the ARC for review This review appeared first on Instagram Blog Website Twitter My 2019 Reading Challenge

Review Lipstick Voodoo Kincaid Strange #2

Nathan Cade the ghost of a grunge rocker with a pathological lack of self control comes home bound to a dead body it's up to Kincaid to figure out how to free him Ideally before her new mentor Gideon a powerful sorcerer's ghost discovers that Nate is trapped in the body he'd coveted for himself When Aaron a Seattle cop on the afterlife beat and Kincaid's ex calls her in to help out with a cold. Source PublisherGenre Urban FantasyRating 40ThoughtsLipstick Voodoo by author Kristi Charish is the second installment in the authors Kincaid Strange series The story picks up shortly after the events of The Voodoo Killings Kincaid is a kick ass heroine who appeals to fans of Elena Michaels and Sookie Stackhouse Lipstick Voodoo spends time in the living world than The Voodoo Killings and captures the 90s grunge vibe of Seattle with forays into the beautifully crafted Underground City the paranormal hub run by the mysterious Lee who just happens to be the cities oldest living zombie Full Review Gizmos Reviews