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[accra Books] ePUB Faithful Faithful #1 By Janet Fox – TXT, Kindle eBook and Epub Read

  • Paperback
  • 325
  • Faithful Faithful #1
  • Janet Fox
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780142414132

9 thoughts on “Faithful Faithful #1

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    Margaret Maggie Bennet has an elegant life amongst the elite families in Newport Rhode Island But when Maggie's father tricks her into going on an excursion to the wilds of Yellowstone Park to look for her mother Maggie realizes that they are in Montana for an entirely different reason A reason that Maggie is desperate

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    When I first read the blurb for Faithful I had no idea it was set in the beginning of the 20th century  Nor did the cover really illuminate this fact as the dress's design was just ambiguous enough to be considered 'popular' now  I like it

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    Faithful by Janet Fox tells of Maggie’s story as she travels halfway across the country to find her mother A mother that disappeared one day that left both her father and her different She is taken out of her co

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    One of these days I will stop listening to the blurbs in catalogs because they always let me down I ordered this one specifically because the publisher's blurb compared it to Eva Ibbotson who I completely and wholeheartedly adore And not a lot of authors or books get compared to her at least by the publisher all of whom are desperat

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    So this is one of those books that had some things I REALLY liked but enough I didn't like for it to get only three starsIt was too dramatic A lot of it was predictable Too heavy handed in places But Maggie was e

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    You can find this kind of book many places Where a girl's life is torn apart she absolutely hates it as she moves away from her home She is taken to a completely different place in this case from Newport to Yellowstone Then everything turns out fantastically she meets the boy of her dreams and never thinks of going back So you know what is going to happen in the end But I feel like this book really shows how Ma

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    I was really disappointed in this I thought I was getting a historical novel that would explore the magic and beauty of West Yellowstone but except for when the grizzly bears made their appearances I didn't enjoy it much Here's why

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    It was the cover that attracted me to this book in the first place It is so pretty I really like how it sums up the book Maggie with the beauty of Yellowstone So yeah I really enjoyed Faithful I didn’t know that it was a h

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    I wanted to like FAITHFUL with its gorgeous cover and promising tale of self discovery in Yellowstone Park I’m not a historical f

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Janet Fox ð 2 Summary

Faithful Faithful #1

Ntana Torn from the only life she's ever known away from her friends from society and verging on no prospects Maggie is furious and devastated by her father's betrayal But when she arrives she finds herself drawn to the frustratingly stub. So this is one of those books that had some things I REALLY liked but enough I didn t like for it to get only three starsIt was too dramatic A lot of it was predictable Too heavy handed in places But Maggie was exactly the kind of protagonist I ve been longing for in historical fiction She doesn t start off fighting against her position She likes her place in society I loved seeing that kind of character Obviously I m very glad to live in an era and country where I have a lot of freedom as a woman but that s a modern attitude and it took a lot of struggle to get there It s not something that all women 100 years ago would automatically think about And too many historical fiction fight against their society in a way that to me doesn t feel grounded That doesn t seem to have been inspired by anything in particular So I really appreciated seeing a character who had her mind opened up who found new possibilities she hadn t even considered She learned to fight for what she wanted And the other way the easy traditional way was presented in a realistic light A tempting light That s another thing I think some historical fiction misses out on It s just easier to go along with what society wants That doesn t make it right but it s a tempting option than most fiction acknowledgesAlso it s set in Yellowstone and I just love YellowstoneOh and Maggie s mother has a really interesting backstory Maybe interesting than this one I d be interested in reading a story about that

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Sixteen year old Maggie Bennet's life is in tatters Her mother has disappeared and is presumed dead The next thing she knows her father has dragged Maggie away from their elegant Newport home off on some mad excursion to Yellowstone in Mo. When I first read the blurb for Faithful I had no idea it was set in the beginning of the 20th century Nor did the cover really illuminate this fact as the dress s design was just ambiguous enough to be considered popular now I like it better for the fact its set in 1904 and not in the last two decades For what I think Fox was trying to convey in the book it needed to be set during a time when parts of the country were still rugged pioneer then refined city slickMaggie was for all her tactless comments and sometimes snobbish behavior she was very relate able She grew up in the affluent and rich neighborhood of Newport she was given every privilege every luxury but what she wanted most was a stable family life Some small eccentricities could be overlooked her family s money and prestige allowed that much but her mother went beyond the pale with her behavior her manner This gave Maggie a strange dichotomy of growing up On the one hand she loved her mother loved her spirit but she also felt the censure of what it meant She tried to repress anything that even remotely resembled her mother s behavior and the few times she acted out ended disastrously She was scared uncertain and confused Even as her thoughts seemed to vacillate between praying she could have that perfect debut and finding her mother foremost in her mind was always a need for her mother She needed her needed closure and the fantasy that if they found her it would all be perfect if she wished for it hard enough I felt so bad for her in those moments She wanted so hard to believe that everything would worked out if they found her mother even while also knowing that problems could arise because of itIt was hard for me to judge her father adeuately He was obviously not a man who was malicious or hurtful or purposely sought to wreck his daughter s future On the same token he didn t understand what she really needed He was scared that if he gave her too much freedom she would be just like her mother Just as uncontrollable just as heart breaking Even when he tries to give her what she tells him she wants most a triumphant return to Newport society with a respectable husband he still doesn t uite get it He was weak He was a very weak man so frightened of losing something of wanting something best left in the past that he was deaf to rational thoughtThe friendship between Tom and Maggie was unexpected in its development Through him Maggie grows and understands her mother better as well as herself Because he s never lived in the society limelight with the society pressures she s always had to fight against he understands far better what a person needs the most He s awkward and together they make a lot of missteps but their understanding of each other grows steadilyI adored Mrs Gale a widow professional photographer who introduces Maggie both to the artistic beauty Maggie s mother gave to her but also the fact that an accomplished woman can be a wife and professional Mr Greybull was one of the most repugnant men I have ever had the misfortune to read about As a foil to Maggie s growing uncertainty about what she wants in the future he worked well KulaI m still not certain of her motivations or behaviors I understand why she felt the way she did but I don t understand the maliciousness and vindictiveness she felt towards Maggie Its one thing to envy someone s seeming better fortune its entirely another to completely hate a person for itFox does an excellent job conveying the landscape of both Newport and Yellowstone The wonder and the excitement of the geysers grizzleys and bison as well as the difference between the variety of people represented in Yellowstone Bandits tourists geologists hunters grrr Mr Greybull officers and servants The end result was both satisfying and fitting to the story Maggie got the answers she was searching for and was able to move forward The novel is a heart warming story of finding redemption faith not the religious kind and learning to accept that knowledge can come with a price

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Born handsome Tom Rowland the son of a park geologist and to the wild romantic beauty of Yellowstone itself And as Tom and the promise of freedom capture Maggie's heart Maggie is forced to choose between who she is and who she wants to be. It was the cover that attracted me to this book in the first place It is so pretty I really like how it sums up the book Maggie with the beauty of Yellowstone So yeah I really enjoyed Faithful I didn t know that it was a historical fiction so imagine my surprise when I found out I love historical fictions Anyway let s start with the setting Yellowstone Montana Wow It was described wonderfully I could totally imagine the geysers and the river everything Yellowstone is now on my travel list If the descriptions of Yellowstone could easily take my breathe away then imagine what the real thing could do to me Now for the characters our main character Maggie may not be likable at first with her snobbish attitude and how she had treated her mother badly It s set in the 19th century so I understand that marriage and being acceptable in society is very important for young girls so Maggie s character is very well portrayed As the story progresses we can see Maggie s character change with her struggle to be herself and her decision to follow her heart And once she really knew her mother s secret she finally understood her mother and it created a bittersweet moment I shed a few tears for her and her mother As for the other characters Tom Rowland was so dreamy with his cowboy appearance and out going personality I really liked him Graybull Maggie s suitor is dislikable he is just so creepy I really like Mrs Gale Maggie s photographer friend As for Kula I have mixed feelings about her I understand what she s going through but she doesn t have to always be rude and bitter Maggie s father was a very interesting character His desire to find Maggie s mother s secret was clouding his judgments but at the end he found closure As for the plot I was engrossed from the beginning to the end I really wanted to what Maggie s mother was hiding and how Maggie is dealing with everything that is going on The romance part was a bit off though Maggie and Tom always fight about the same thing every time how Maggie is being snobbish It gets annoying very uickly Overall I really enjoyed Faithful It was an enjoyable historical fiction to read during the summer

About the Author: Janet Fox

Author of award winning fiction and non fiction for middle grade and young adult readers My upcoming middle grade novel is a companion novel to The Charmed Children and features a refugee from Nazi Germany and a magical watch My picture book debut VOLCANO DREAMS launches in September 2018Published booksGet Organized Without Losing It middle grade Free Spirit Publishing 2017 new editio