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Kinky Mom (Ebook / ebook) Author Molly Prude – Book, TXT or Kindle eBook free

characters Kinky Mom

It's a busy day for a Kinky Mom like MollyAfter all the Serenade Springs Book Group has very little interest in reading books And Molly's neighbors Coco and Ed are ta.

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Kinky Mom

King a personal interest in making sure Molly stays satisfiedWhat can a Kinky Mom do but enjoy herselfBut when Molly awakes the morning after to discover she's magica.

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Lly twenty years younger than the day before she realizes that Serenade Springs harbors a deep and erotic mysterya mystery Molly must uickly uncover to save her famil.

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    Curiouser and curiouser gets Molly Prude's tale of a mom and her daughters trying to make sense of a town full of perpetually young people whose lives revolve around sexMolly attends a book club which has very little to do with reading books Angela falls for a member of some kind of underground resistance organisation Rebbecca finds that her job with the Malt Shop reuires her to do deliveries in a very humiliating costume And Kelly goes