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This is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00HX82ZV4Now a #1 Bestseller in 's lesbian romance genre and #2 in Hot New ReleasesIndia Bell is looking for a regular writing gig to supplement her royalties She ends up with two assignments one to interview up and coming lesbian romance writer Tegan Lowry and the other To win a bet to write her own lesbian romance thus securing for herself a job as an editor There's a bit of an issue with the second of those India writes science fiction not romance There's none of that confusing touchy feely stuff in her scie. Overall I mostly enjoyed this book though there were a few niggles that kind of irked me and discouraged me from giving it a higher rating I liked the characters especially Tegan They were well constructed for the most part sympathetic and appealing The set up was interesting the dialog didn t feel off the romance uite sweet It was nice to read about people with difficulties to get over though the book didn t linger in self pity or dwell too much on what could have been some very depressing moments in the main character s lives I felt the balance was right in that aspect And Tegan really was uite adorable As for the niggles I wasn t keen on the whole Napoleon plotline I understand why it was included to add drama and tension but I think these two women were strong enough and interesting enough to power the story by themselves without the need for added friction from an outside source It felt like a bit of an addition tagged on later rather than imperative to the story as a whole I would have liked to read about India s unfolding emotions a bit rather than it feel a tad rushed I was expecting depth and anguish where it came to her and this new weird thing called love she was experiencing Just my opinion though Also really wasn t keen on the little rants about negative reviews apparently negative reviews are less about the uality of a book and about the stupidity of the reader and the policy about returnrefunds on kindle books It didn t seem to come from the characters I felt like I was suddenly reading the author s blog and it pulled me right out of the story and sat with me leaving a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the time I spent reading it Perhaps a novel is the wrong forum for such things even though the author just may have a point about the refund policyAnyway as I said I enjoyed the story it just didn t blow me away or leave me tingling with good feelings the way I was hoping it would Great main characters though They will certainly stick around in my memory for some time This is where I wish they did half stars on this site 3 seems too measly but it wasn t a 4 for me sorry

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Rain Falls Rain Falls #1

Nce fiction novels Hell she doesn't even read romance and as for the lesbian aspect she's not sure how to define her sexuality but if she's a lesbian then she's so far in the closet she doesn't even know where the door is Maybe Tegan could give her some pointers on writing all those sex scenes she's probably going to have to stick in there Tegan is thrilled to be interviewed even by the awkward and socially inept India Not that Tegan views herself as anyone's fantasy she's on crutches and who would be interested in a cripple Her deeply romantic fantas. Plunging into a new niche genre is always a little odd You start off without knowing the rules and expectations so it s hard to say how good your first experiences really are at least as it relates to that niche Which means you can be prone to making hasty judgments and generalizations that don t apply or that simply mark you as an outsider I ll try to avoid these obvious pitfalls but probably won t entirelyFor the most part I enjoyed this romance as a romance The appellation dramedy is a good one because there s a base of sweetness here but with a decent dose of drama that verged on over the top Both India and Tegan are charming in their individual ways and I was happy to see how well they fit each other Their strengths go well against each others weaknesses and that made it easy to root for them and their growing relationship They didn t have much beyond insecurities holding them back from being with each other though so that part of the story was straightforward and almost by the numbers This acted as the base of the story and was very sweet and slow developing in a good wayThe drama parts didn t work as well though Tegan s backstory was a bit one note for example Her life pretty much sucked and in an unrelenting kind of way Yeah she was strong to endure but it also felt like she was weak not to be working to get out of the pit her life had become Like for example finding where her father ended up if only to divert those monthly payments to herself rather than her greedy abusive motherAlso over the top was the odious Napoleon Without any redeeming value I couldn t help feeling that he was plot device than person He shows up wreaks havoc then glides out again to prepare for his next mustache twirling appearance This isn t helped by him being so very stupid while he was at itOne thing that surprised me in this novel was a couple of pot shots taken by the two main characters at the lesbian reading audience I mean there were some seriously derogatory moments in there that I found than a little surprising Not as derogatory as towards Republicans of courseSo yeah I thought the drama was a bit much The slow burn romance kept me engaged though so I was happyA note about genre and format I liked the first romance for lesbians I read and wanted to find another I m not a huge fan of short form stories and so looked for something book lengthed I had the very devil of a time finding anything than a novella however Tellingly if you cut all the needless drama in this story you d be left with a reasonably tight novella I find that strange but interesting Probably not interesting enough that I ll try much in this niche however seriously not a fan of novellasA note about Steamy Mid level steam for me There were two explicit sex scenes but another handful of very short uh interludes as well I don t know if that s the author or another facet of this particular niche but I found that interestingly different

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Ies are all lived out on the page But when India suddenly asks if Tegan will join her in her writing cabin to get some serious work done she jumps at the chance to leave her horrible basement apartment behind to concentrate on her writing in comfort and peace with the fascinating if rather emotionally unavailable India Bell In the gorgeous cabin on the outskirts of the small tourist town of Rain Falls Colorado the two women find themselves struggling with temptation and absurdity It's a situation they never thought they'd find outside of a romance nov. 35 rounded to 4Rain Falls was a nice surprise I didn t expect much from it the blurb didn t appeal to me much and the cover and title just put me off That s probably why I m giving it than 3 stars really because I like being proved wrongThere are some really lovely moments in this book At times it was incredibly delightful to read Both characters stories are uite tragic but the tone of the book is mainly light There were times I laughed really hard and other times I just smiled stupidly That s not to say this story doesn t have flaws It has lots of them But the good stuff was enough to make me want to keep reading until the wee hours of the morning However let s be clear this story is not that great a romance novel I had a great time reading it it s uite entertaining but it lacks a lot of things I look for in love stories which is uite ironic seeing as the book s about this writer learning about romance and how to write about it I liked the second half of the book a lot than the first In the beginning I really didn t like either of the characters I found Tegan uite dull and I found India really frustrating I ve always had a hard time with late bloomers I guess I never understood how anyone could realise they re sexually attracted to a certain gender so late in life I understand the concept of denial that some people bury their desires so deep they don t even feel them any But in this case India doesn t care much about being gay she s just this clueless arrogant cynical seemingly asexual sociopath Yes that s a lot of derogatory adjectives but she really does come off this way But I loved her in the second part of the book where she opens up finds herself understands about love and becomes this insatiable beastThe only problem was the transition between both parts was really abrupt It felt like she woke up one day thinking I have feelings for Tegan I ll just go with it and it bothered me How could she be this overly typical closed off character for half of the book and then this sweet romantic woman the second half Kelli Jar Baeli simplified it too much It s not all so black and white in life We don t know much about Tegan apart from some superficial stuff Mainly she has no money and has a horrible mother I would have liked to know about her beyond her obvious insecurities since her accident What does she like What does she do in her spare time does she have any friends is she happy has she ever been in loveI like knowing the characters of the book at a deeper level to feel like they re part of my world as well I didn t get that feeling with Tegan and IndiaAlso I like knowing how the characters look like beyond she s a brunette and she s a blonde It might seem trivial to some people but to me it s essential to be able to understand where the attraction comes from There s none of that in Rain Falls India complains about lesbian romance books being predictable and Tegan insists that she doesn t follow the typical formula I think it s fair to say that s also the writer s opinionBut I just have to say this book IS predictable and it DOES follow the lesbian romance formula Girl meets girl They annoy each other at first Don t understand each other because they re clearly on opposite sides of the romance spectrum That s what keeps them apart India is so deep in the closet it seems she ll never find her way out of it But they find their way around the obstacle they live with each other so obviously India s bound to open up a little And they get together and live happily ever after There wasn t much chemistry Admittedly at first India is not a very sexual being or so she thinks so it s understandable that she s not going to be attracted to a stranger just like that But I like it better when there s tension from the beginning Here their love and attraction seems forced by the circumstances A nice fun read but not my favorite love story

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    38 stars I think this is the first book I've read where one of the mains has some kind of disability It was non standard and therefore interesting to read about something new Both main characters where well developed but I felt there was something lacking India is presented as antisocial and she's always been like that while Tegan

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    Really really enjoyed this book Loved the start the dialogue was sparkling and had a real zip to it This book is titled a Dramedy and delivers on both the drama and comedyI loved India Really assured writing and wonderful main charactersGreat read off to purchase of this author's work

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    Overall I mostly enjoyed this book though there were a few niggles that kind of irked me and discouraged me from giving it a higher rating I liked the characters especially Tegan They were well constructed for the most part sympathetic and appealing The set up was interesting the dialog didn't feel off the romance uite sweet It was nice to read about people with difficulties to get over though the book didn'

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    Plunging into a new niche genre is always a little odd You start off without knowing the rules and expectations so it's hard to say how good your first experiences really are—at least as it relates to that niche Which me

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    I loved the writing style in this novel The author uses vivid descriptions placing me right in the scene along with the characters She molded 'real' characters with flaws personality and desires that kept me worried happy sad and rooting for them every step of the way

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    I really enjoyed this novel In fact there are a few things about it that I thought were awesome I think dramedy is the perfect descriptor for Rain Falls There is nice balance of humor to go along with the angst I still find myself laughing at some of the scenes Just wait till you get to the part mentioning the 'suction cups' lol I think I spent most of the time reading this novel with a smile on my faceIndia as a chara

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    35 rounded to 4Rain Falls was a nice surprise I didn't expect much from it the blurb didn't appeal to me much and the cover and title just put

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    SmoothIf I had one word to describe this novel ‘this would be “smooth” from the visual descriptions the constant rainfall abound in Rain Falls to the dialogues between India and Tegan a serene sort of smoothness saturated every page every moment in this novel Even through the grisly violet moments I still felt the calmness that hinted at hope and happiness at the end of the tunnel Kelli Jae Baeli’s u

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    A stunning book which was excellent really enjoyed the dialogue the background stories and the pace of the tale Really looking forward to book 2

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    SHARING THESE FIRST REVIEWs ON and elsewhere50 out of 5 stars THOUGHT PROVOKING FUNNY AND HOT ALL ROLLED UP IN ONE January 20 2014By DEE Verified PurchaseThis is my first time reading this authors work but it certainly wo