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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER AND #1 in ROMANCE You’re not supposed to want the one who torments you When my stepbrother Elec came to live with us my senior year I wasn’t prepared for how much of a jerk he’d be I hated that he took it out on me because he didn’t want to be here I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his ro. So Where to start I am always intrigued with books dealing with taboo topics or in this case pseudo taboo especially incestuous relationships At first I crossed this book from my TBR shelf because it seemed like a trashy romance But then all this five stars reviews started popping out all over the Goodreads So I gave in to the temptation And once again I should have stick to the original plan The storyThe horror My eyes What is this shitBut seriously if you are getting off on forbidden sexual relationships read Selena Kitt At least you know what you are about to get when you pick up her novels Naughty Bits is a hard core brothersister erotica For those who are a bit sueamish there is even a bit tamer version of the same story Yank Back to Stepbrother Dearest The only selling point of this book is forbidden romance I believe that it was what appealed to the most of the girls who were all moon eyed after finishing this book Story is divided in two parts first is about how they met when they were 17 and second is taking place seven years later What happens They meet they lust they fight they hang out they fight play video games go out on double date fight lustkiss he treats like she is worthless she cries they lust again fight again and epic finale they fuck He is whore she is virgin She is clean like flower in pretty meadow and all other girls are worthless sluts She is idiot who lets him treat her like a trash He is a jerkbad boylost soullittle boy in hot pierced tattooed bodyWhole book is series of their forbidden encounters and fighting against what they feel No character development No Plot Development How was this written Oh look girls like to read about bad boys let s put that in What does it mean to be a bad boy A lot of tattoos pierced lip pierced dick he should be moody and grunt a lot He is so hot that all girls throw themselves at him so he fucks a lot But he needs to have some signature move he can t fuck like a regular person He has to be a bit rough and crude Oh I know let him have fixation with necks Like biting them Or maybe even strangling them lightly Yeah that would work But he is not actually bad He has daddy issues Mommy is crazy like a bat He is really a little boy who wants to be lovedBut that is not enough We need drama Because girls love drama Oh I know Spanish soap operas thank you for this brilliant idea I am my brother s bastard son Yes that would be so awesome His parents were in forbidden relationship Just like he wants to be with his stepsister Ugh wait No just like that His brother is not his father Their father is their father His brother is his stepfather But his mommy never loved his father He was But his brother hates him He verbally abuses him His mother is depressed She is artist He is wannabe writer He is not a bad boy He just looks like one Because he has daddybrothermommy issuesNow what about girl Of course she has to virgin because she is a good girl But she is not naive she has vibrator She is super polite and good And she constantly repeats how her stepbrother is hot and imagines hundred dirty things she would like to do to him He treats her like she s worthless but that won t make her give up on him because she sees how vulnerable and good underneath he is How Meh that doesn t matter only important thing are her nipples Yes she should have sensitive nipples The most important thing a lot of make out and almost make out scenesOh and in the part 2 there will me everything from the part 1 told from his point of view Word for word in case people missed anything So they can read it All over again I will repeat if you are getting off on this kind of thing read Selena Kitt I m out

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?d seen Elec When tragedy struck our family I’d have to face him again And holy hell the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again Stepbrother Dearest is a standalone novel Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18. To tell you the truth I was not going to write a review for this book because I really don t have anything positive to say about it There are many things that are wrong with this book but I ll just address twoFirst would be the writing It was juvenile Especially in the first part The plot was repetitive they flirt they fight he insults her she runs to him like a love struck puppy This book was trite clich and juvenile Did I already say that Ah I don t care because this book obviously doesn t have a problem with repeating itself What was that with Elec s book Repeating exactly the same events from his POV is so not cool Dear author that s just plain cheating Overall Stepbrother Dearest is a poorly written novel IMO Second issue would be the main female protagonist GretaThe best thing Elec said to Greta in this entire novel is Have some self respect AMEN Why didn t you take that advice told him to go screw himself and grow some big girl pantsIt really made me sad the way she let him continually disrespect her And I m not even talking about the first part when they were teenagers That was child s play I know how when you re in love you re willing to forgive almost anything but this Here Is Not Okay This novel is not a true healthy representative of what a normal relationship should be like I mean in the first part I was willing to forgive her she s young and in love But then came that part 7 years after and I was waiting to see the strong independent woman she s become But apparently she doesn t exist She s still pinning after that jerk and lets him walk all over her Also all these five star reviews are pissing me off I ve scrolled though some of them and people who disliked the book gave it 3 stars Wut Folks it s okay to give 1 or 2 star ratings from time to time It s making me sad that some really amazing books are not getting enough attention while crap like this gets a lot of undeserved hype So to conclude I didn t like it and don t recommend it to anyone Over and out

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Om But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him At first I thought all he had going for him were his rock hard tattooed abs and chiseled face But things started changing between us and it all came to a head one night Then just as uickly as he’d come into my life he was gone back to California It had been years since I?. 35 Stars I m not going to lie the title and the cover of this book drew me right in and made me one click the minute it went live I ve never read this author and I wasn t sure what the book was about besides a stepbrotherstepsister but I knew I had to read it I LOVE forbidden love stories so the title alone drew me in Stepbrother Dearest was different that I expected It was a little young for a lack of a better word at the beginning Then it got a little sweet and sexy The last half was much angsty It was one of those books that wasn t perfect for me but it was also one that I read in one sitting so you know I was hooked from the start Greta s stepbrother Elec is 17 just like her She s never met him but he s coming to stay with her family for a year while his mom travels from work Greta wants to get to know Elec to make him feel comfortable Once she sees him she is floored He might be the most attractive guy she s met but he s also a jerk to her Elec has a bad relationship with his father He does not want to be living in that house but doesn t have much of a choice Elec makes it his mission to give Greta a hard time The harder he pushes the she tries to befriend him and get to know him Slowly she works her way in Elec and Greta have a uniue relationship when they are teenagers They re only together a short time but they start to become friends As their friendship progresses they find it hard to deny their obvious attraction to one another Though they are together months one night is all they really get together One night of memories I d rather have one night with you than nothing at all Just know that I would stay with you if I could Elec can t stay He has other family issues that keep him away And he stays away For seven years Seven years later Greta is living in NYC After a failed engagement she is single and working She s content with her life Then she gets a call from her mother that will change everything It s the call that brings Elec back into her life The one that got away was supposed to stay away not come back and leave you all over again Oh the emotions when Elec was back I didn t know what to feel I know as I read and the I learned of their situation I bit my nails right to the uick My heart was slowly breaking The angst about killed me No matter whats going on in their lives Elec and Greta can t deny the feelings they still have for one another I know I m not supposed to care But when it comes to you what I m supposed to be feeling has never seemed to matter When reading a book there are certain lines that just pop out at you When I read this one it brought me to tears There was a lot that I liked about this book I liked both Elec and Greta Both had moments where I wanted to shake them but by the end of the book I loved them both I loved how the book ended The beginning banter between Elec and Greta was great There was a lot in the middle that stressed me out but when I m reading I love when I get invested and feel like that so it worked for me The main thing I can think of that would have made this book so much better for me is the last 30% or so from Elec s perspective Don t get me wrong I loved being in his head and I think it was really important to get his side of the story but to basically re tell from his perspective that late in the book was a miss for me I wish that it would have been in dual pov and woven in that way I understand why the author did it this way view spoilerI m sure it was because it he was following his dream as a writer and it was a big gesture to let her read his work and show his past and feelings that way hide spoiler

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    So Where to start? I am always intrigued with books dealing with taboo topics or in this case pseudo taboo espe

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    ★★★★ ½ Stepbrother Dearest stand alone Tragedy re connects girl with the step brother she still loves but can’t have Stepbrother Dearest Heart Be Desert Ports “I want to be the first one to show you everything and to be the one yo

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 45 stars WOW I was hooked on this book from the moment I started it and I could not put it down until the end An angsty unconventional love story and such a roller coaster It was absolutely unputdownableWhen Greta's ste

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    35 Stars I’m not going to lie the title and the cover of this book drew me right in and made me one click the minute it went live I

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    New York Times Bestseller for four consecutive weeks The book that started a phenomenon Barnes

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    35 Stars You make me feel things Greta You always have When I'm around you whether it's good or badI feel everything Stepbrother Dearest is written in two parts In the first part the character are 1718 years old and in highschool In the second part the book fast forwards seven years The characters are reunited and so the story continuesSo first of all let me just say that Stepbrother Dearest was a really great book The writing was engaging

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    To tell you the truth I was not going to write a review for this book because I really don’t have anything positive to say about it There are many things that are wrong with this book but I’ll just address twoFirst would

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    I loved this book I had expected the story to be kind of hard to get into after reading many reviews that said it got off to a slow start That was not my experience at all The story of Elec and Greta captivated me from page one I devoured this bookElec and Greta's story was full of passion forbidden desire and angst Reading their story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride I laughed cried and smiled After a brief but intense fling

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    I know I'm not supposed to care But when it comes to you what I'm supposed to be feeling has never seemed to matter This was one angsty ride The book was very intense and emotional I couldn't stay away from it and kept flipping pages

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    Title Stepbrother DearestSeries StandaloneAuthor Penelope WardRelease Date September 29 2014Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler