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Ng and she wants him like nothing else she’s wanted in her short lifeCharismatic and unconventional Solomon easily wins the hearts and minds of his third form English class He notices the attention of one girl his new neighbour who has taken to watching him from her upstairs window He assumes it a harmless teenage crush until erotic love notes begin to arrive. My first comment about The Yearning is this It s a shame a novel like this has to be categorized erotic fictionlargely so a bookseller knows where to plonk it on a shelf cyber or real It s a shame because there will be people who ll have their perception skewed as a result of a generic genre label and miss out on a wonderful reading experience I loved everything about this story the writing is evocative the storyline compelling the biblical references intriguing The Yearning is a truly uniue and superbly crafted novel and while the author leaves nothing to the imagination she handles the most intimate scenes deftly delivering a soft flowing sensual and sensory journey of a teenage girl s sexual awakening I initially worried about the basic premise blurb small town schoolgirl and older unconventional male teacher in the free and easy seventies I also thought I knew how the story would pan out Pretty predictable stuff this erotic fiction you know Wrong Wrong Wrong And all I can say after scraping the egg off my face is Wow Wow Wow Wow to the clever clever plot that despite the small format paperback of only 300 odd pages packs a punch in so many ways Wow to the hauntingly beautiful prose and description that will transport you to a different time and place and if you are my age to a few fond memories of that fun loving decade Wow to the complex characters the divine descriptions of small town life and the delicious metaphors that bring this story to life The Yearning is a fully dimensional read with great characterisations beautiful prose a proper narrative arc and a well developed theme The erotic elements are integral and necessary to the story hence the label So not into erotic fiction I didn t think I was either Still not sure I am I just know I loved The Yearning and I am so glad I took the genre plunge If you don t want to be like me a fuddy duddy and should you choose to lose your erotic genre virginity and see what all the fuss is about this is the book although I fear this novel may have ruined me for any other

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The Yearning

In his letterboxSolomon knows he must resist but her sensual words stir him He has longings of his own although they have nothing to do with love or so he believes One afternoon as he stands reading her latest offering in his driveway she turns up unannounced Each must make a choice the conseuences of which will haunt them until they meet again twenty years late. The Yearning is the story of a woman s inability to let go of the past yearning after the illicit affair she had with her high school English teacher when she was sixteen years old for close to three decades after it imploded The writing itself is beautiful The characterizations of the two protagonists were excellent Solomon Andrews is in 1978 when the story begins the type of man that his high school students worship but that their parents call a dirty hippie They looked at this apparition of a teacher unlike any they d seen before They were used to old teachers teachers who wore baggy trousers and horn rimmed glasses and ties He was young He had long hair and a beard His pants were tightThe female character who remains nameless until the conclusion of the book is both his student and his next door neighbor For months she spies on him from her bedroom window writing him increasingly erotic love letters that she drops off in his mailbox in little pink envelopes sprayed with cheap perfume This passion consumes me the note read It dissolves and embraces me A flame grows inside me it gently licks at my heart until I am warmed and swollen with desire The God of Love moves through me when I think of youSolomon is well aware of his neighbor s infatuation and he is half amused half annoyed by it He wants her to remain the uiet chewing in her nails passive mousy inconseuential little girl who has an unreuited crush on him yet he can t help returning his gaze to her again and again He was looking at her at a shaft of slanting sunlight illuminating the rich auburn curls that surrounded a perfectly formed ear Her skin had the sheen of white silk It was almost translucent in the light He was caught off guard as his breath hitched in his chest Here in this light she looked beautifulIn contrast to the way the female character is described throughout the book with awe and reverence those long coltish legs and wild auburn hair the gleam of her alabaster skin the other women particularly the ones involved with Solomon are completely and shamelessly skewered One has gunshot holes that passed for eyes Another is a cynical bar pick up sitting alone drinking red wine and smoking menthols Yet another woman is described as having probably ridden all the half decent men in the town and now in her early forties had run out of options As elegant as the writing is when you get down to it it is nothing but slut shaming and rather childish But it goes well with the point of view of the female character who throughout her life embellishes and romanticizes herself and her lover at the expense of all the others who just don t get the purity of their exalted loveThe first part of the book is devoted to these two characters Solomon and his teen aged neighbor coming together not just in a sexual way but in every way as they explore learn and bond together However this is not a romance book so this honeymoon period of theirs is short lived Not only because the affair was doomed from the start to be discovered with severe repercussions but because Solomon is not the kind of romantic hero who is going to fight for his damsel and swear eternal love He only has the looks for it Solomon actually is very happy and very unashamed to pursue numerous no strings affairs and when the shit hits the proverbial fan his instinct is to run without looking back soon to forget himself and the teenage girl that he leaves behind with an eternal consuming yearningThe second part of the book takes us twenty two years later and shows us the female character still in the throes of her single minded obsession even though she has not seen or heard from Solomon in all these years even as she reluctantly settles for marriage and kids This part of the book for me was difficult to read I just could not connect with the character her actions and motivations It was like she was stuck in the time warp of 1978 and could not move on I guess I just don t understand that kind of self destructive behavior and sick fixation Still the author did a great job of painting the struggles of a marriage where the two people let disappointments and unsatisfied yearnings fester into anger and resentment If not exactly earth shattering the portrait of a crumbling marriage was well executed The conclusion of this story for me was the weakest part When Solomon reappears in her life we are never told how or why The way their interactions play out down to the final letter written by the female character to him seemed artificial a way to settle scores especially the description of Solomon s humiliating encounter with a rather repelling one night stand and which is the catalyst for him finally admitting to himself what he has been trying to deny ever since he fell into the affair back in 1978 I didn t buy it It seemed like wishful thinking than anything else Still overall the evocative poetic uality of the writing really moved me and made this journey into Kate Belle s The Yearning very worthwhile

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“I want to reveal myself to you I need your eyes to see your hands to touch your spirit to acknowledge that which I hold most deeply and secretly in my heart My yearning for you”It’s 1978 in a country town and a dreamy fifteen year old girl’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of the substitute English teacher Solomon Andrews is beautiful inspiri. It was 1979 in a small country town when Solomon Andrew moves in next door to a shy and awkward 15 year old girl who s name is unknown throughout the book only at the end and who also happens to be her new substitute teacher According to the girl s he is beautiful charming and has a lot of sex appeal in his tight hipster hugging Jeans and is also very hip and modern in his thinking and approach Solomon knows the effect he has on the girls and tends to play up on the attention he receives Meanwhile his unnamed neighbour seems to have this infatuation with Solomon staring at him through her bedroom window for hours and writing him these anonymous scented and erotic letters confessing her love Solomon knows she is watching him and whom these letters are coming from but assumes it s only a teenage crush and will pass But as these letters don t stop They continue to arrive becoming bold and revealing her sexual desires and a yearning for him It is taking all of Solomon self control not to succumb to temptation but he finds himself increasingly aroused by her words until the yearning burns within him too Then one day she turns up at his door and the passionate affair begins In the first half of the book the sex scenes were erotic and graphic but I do feel that it was reuired It enable us to get an in depth understanding of the intensity of their relationship their own reasoning for why they shouldneed be together even thought they knew they were at a high risk of being discovered and how the girls sexual awakening influenced her decision with future partnersrelationships long into her adulthood I was really moved by the girls letters to Solomon they were conveyed in a typical teenage way pure and honest comparing him to god and believing him to be her soul mate But there was a hint of intelligence there too in her poetic and sensual prose Solomon on the other hand may be intellectually talented free spirited but in my opinion a stupid man who doesn t have any moral boundaries when it comes to the opposite sex and that includes teenage girls He has sexual urges that he can t control yet I ve got to give him one thing he is definitely not a selfish lover and certainly knows how to please a womanIt was the second half of the book that had me pondering over the situation long into the night and there were times I couldn t sleep because of thoughts running through my mind It was 20 years later and Solomon is no longer in the girls life now a woman but he s not far from her everyday thoughts She would continue to write these erotic notes in her diary about Solomon and finds herself unable to let the memories of their love making disappear from her mind She s unable to form a satisfying relationship as she finds herself comparing them to Solomon Until she met MaxI honestly thought Max was the one to get her out of this infatuation with Solomon And there was hope at the beginning of their courtship where Max was loving gentle and attentive to her needs and I do believe she fell in love with him But the relationship went downhill and she had to resort to begging him to pay some attention to her in the bedroom I felt crushed for her because I do believe she is trying to make an effort to move on from Solomon and I don t think its unreasonable to ask your partner what you want in the bedroom But after so many rejections it is humiliating Max was capable as there were signs from the beginning that he was but he became is a moody self centered and selfish drunk that couldn t be bothered There were many factors that were wrong in this relationship but this what stood out for meI absolutely love every minute of this book It was well thought out it was a dark just the way I like it and so very well written This is not an uncommon thing to happen I know of 2 woman in my life that are going though a similar situation right now holding on to the memory of their first love and I m sure there are many

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    5 Exactly what I was yearning for STARS Many Some readers may disagree with my rating but I can live with that I thoroughly enjoyed Kate Belle's pure realistic and meaningful story I absolutely picked up this book because I love taboo reads but this tale doesn't revolve around a lust crazed teacher student relationship The heart of the story centers around human emotions and longing to be fulfilled both sexual

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    In 1978 in a small country town a young girl's life is about to change when new English high school teacher moves next door to her Gazing at him from her bedroom window she is instantly drawn to him She may only be sixteen years old but the sight of him starts to arouse feelings that she'd not felt beforeSolomon

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    It was 1979 in a small country town when Solomon Andrew moves in next door to a shy and awkward 15 year old girl w

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    Warning this review is spoilery ranty and very longI haven’t even started this review yet and I’m already aware that I will forget something along the wayIt doesn’t matter that I’ve put post its on every page where I

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    My first comment about The Yearning is this It’s a shame a novel like this has to be categorized erotic fictionlargely so a bookseller knows where to plonk it on a shelf—cyber or real It’s a shame because

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    Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksOh I uite liked this book how best to summarize it? It’s haunting beautiful poetic sensual and melancholic all at the same timeBook begins with Solomon Andrews moving into town he’s a new teacher A free spirit enjoying casual sex and without ever having a serious relationship or inten

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    I cannot believe that this book has not had attentionI found it hidden amongst the bottom shelves of my book store completely in the wrong section mind you But I couldn't go home without that stunning cover on my shelf so I just had to give it a goI went into it a bit skeptical my last few experiences with books

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    The Yearning is the story of a woman's inability to let go of the past yearning after the illicit affair she had with her high school English teacher when she was sixteen years old for close to three decades after it imploded The writing itself is beautiful The characterizations of the two protagonists were excellent So

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    Wow men of the 70s were very hairyI admit I only picked this up because of that gorgeous cover But can you blame me? Just look at that beautyDe

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    The Yearing by by Kate Belle is a daring and esuisite read about how first experiences can shape the rest of your life The story goes of a sixteen year old girl whos life is turned upside down when Solomon Andrews moves in next door To her he is sexy' eleuant and a god Initially she would stare at him through her bedroom window and would be too shy to try and talk to him Eventually she will start putting letters in his letterbox expressing